Water Cooler Question

July 2nd

Just 2% of office workers say this is their biggest office pet peeve. What is it? Loud Typing

July 1st

1 in 4 men have had a relationship end because he did THIS. What? They proposed!

June 27th

40% of people say they do THIS several times a night. What is it? Flip the Pillow to the cool side

June 25th

24% of parents admit they have stolen THIS specific thing from their children. What is it? Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

June 24th

When it comes to online dating profiles, the thing men are most likely to lie about is their job; but for women it’s THIS. Their weight

June 20th

20% of people say THIS is the first thing they do when their car breaks down. What is it? Call their dad