Month: July 2019

July 22nd

The average person has 12 of these in their home that they didn’t pay for. What is it?

July 16th

The Average lifespan of THIS household item is 10 years. What is it? Vacuum cleaner

July 15th

According to a survey, the average person gets 4 of THESE a year. Birthday Presents

July 12th

33% of people have secretly done THIS at work. What is it? Answer: Steal someone’s lunch

July 11th

In a survey, 87% of people said that while traveling via plane, THIS is the worst thing a fellow passenger can do. What is it? Take off their socks

July 10th

14% of people with tattoos have THIS tattooed on their body. What is it? Their pet

July 9th

The average person keeps THIS for four years and four months. What is it? Answer: A pair of pants

July 8th

6% of people have broken up with someone over THIS. Answer: Something seen on Facebook.