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Welcome to this Unique Swim Season!

Decorah Park and Rec 2020 Swimming Info

Decorah Parks and Recreation will follow guidance from the CDC and the Iowa Department of Public Health to protect swimmers, staff, and patrons.

The 2020 pool experience will be completely different in Decorah and across the nation. The health and safety of patrons and staff will be our highest priority. Below you will find a summary of actions Decorah Parks and Recreation pledges to initiate to help lower COVID-19 risk as much as possible while also allowing swimmers and patrons to enjoy the water.

All staff and swimmers will be screened and temperatures will be taken before admittance. No one with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will be allowed into the facility.
When not in the water all staff and patrons are encouraged to wear masks when interacting with others.
The 2020 Decorah Swimming Pool capacity will be limited to 388 people to allow for social distancing. Capacity was determined by a formula using the area of the pool and is 37% of the facility’s normal operating capacity.
The facility will be cleaned and sanitized above and beyond CDC guidelines.
Efforts will be made to help with social distancing through signage and markings that note where patrons should stand when waiting in line to enter the facility, to use diving boards and to go down the slide. Staff will mark out areas on the deck and grass to help patrons to spread out.
The Decorah Municipal Swimming Pool will be open 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily for public swim.
Family time has been added for this season and will run from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm daily. Children must be accompanied by an adult to come during this time. This is an excellent time for parents wishing to work on teaching some basic swimming techniques with their children or bring younger children to enjoy the pool in a quieter setting.
Lap swim and water walking hours have been expanded to safely accommodate and maximize the number of patrons served. Lane reservations will be taken online.
Season passes can be purchased online. Prices have been prorated. Daily admission prices will remain the same as previous years.
Concessions will not be provided and food will not be allowed in the pool area. Staff and patrons are encouraged to bring their own water bottle with their name on it.
Swimming lessons will not be provided by Decorah Parks and Recreation this season (this includes both private and group lessons). Effective lessons require close contact between instructors and participants, which is not feasible while social distancing.
Pool parties will not be scheduled this year.
A new group of adult volunteers, Decorah Swimming Pool Ambassadors, is being formed to help Decorah Parks and Recreation navigate the pool season. The Decorah Swimming Pool Ambassadors will help pool staff by answering questions, assisting with registration at the front door and educating patrons about social distancing out on the pool deck. This will allow the life guards to concentrate on guarding. If you are interested in volunteering as part of this program please direct any offers or questions to the DPR office, 382-4158 or email Volunteers must be adults.
The status of the pool will be reviewed daily and guidelines will be updated as needed.

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2020 Fair Special Edition: Iowa 4-H and FFA Livestock Show Information

2020 Fair Special Edition: Iowa 4-H and FFA Livestock Show Information

In the spirit of tradition, the Iowa State Fairgrounds are excited to host the 2020 Fair Special Edition: Iowa 4-H and FFA Livestock Show. Held with the same prestige and competition found at the Iowa State Fair, this 2020 Special Edition will showcase the superior showmanship, hard work, and determination of Iowa’s 4-H and FFA youth. This Special Edition show will follow all Iowa Department of Public Health and CDC recommendations for social distancing, hand washing and sanitization, so although it will be held in August and on the Iowa State Fairgrounds, you may notice some “special” considerations for this stand-alone event.

Purpose: To support the mission statement of the Iowa State Fair by providing an opportunity for Iowa 4-H and FFA youth to showcase their hard work and livestock projects.

Eligibility: Open to Iowa 4-H and FFA exhibitors that have nominated livestock projects for the 2020 Iowa State Fair. Shows will be available for the following:

FFA Beef
FFA Horse
FFA Meat Goat
FFA Poultry*
FFA Rabbit*
FFA Sheep
FFA Swine
FFA & 4-H Dairy Cattle
FFA & 4-H Dairy Goats
4-H Beef
4-H Horse
4-H Meat Goat
4-H Poultry*
4-H Rabbit
4-H Sheep
4-H Swine
*nomination not required

Schedule: The attached schedule allows more room for exhibitors to obey social distancing recommendations. The separation of the shows allows for the Fairgrounds to be cleaned thoroughly between sessions.

**Some shows and competitions will not be offered for 2020. This includes the 4-H Dog Show, all carcass and/or performance contests including FFA Performance Beef, 4-H Beef of Merit, Sheep and Swine Carcass Contests, Livestock Skillathons, and non-show competitions (no poster presentations, etc.) and no Showmanship classes will be conducted this year. Just simply the livestock shows themselves.

Attendees: For crowd control purposes each exhibitor will receive 3 wristbands total.

A limited number of wristbands will be available to show supporters. A $100 donation to the show will grant the donor 2 wristbands good for all three sessions August 6-22. Click here to donate.

Wristbands will be required to access the Fairgrounds. Wristbands will not be available on site.

No additional fees for admission or parking will be charged.

Entry: 4-H exhibitors will enter thru 4-H Online.
FFA exhibitors will work with their advisor to enter thru the Fair entry system.
Both systems will open on Monday, June 22.

Entry Deadline: July 10, 2020

Entry fees are as follows:

FFA Beef $35
FFA Horse $25/head + $5/class
FFA Meat Goat $15
FFA Poultry $5
FFA Rabbit $5
FFA Sheep $15
FFA Swine $15
FFA & 4-H Dairy Cattle $30
FFA & 4-H Dairy Goats $15
4-H Beef $35
4-H Horse $25/head + $5/class
4-H Meat Goat $15
4-H Poultry $5
4-H Rabbit $5
4-H Sheep $15
4-H Swine $15

Exhibitor Communication: Follow show information on Facebook under 2020 Fair Special Edition: Iowa 4-H and FFA Livestock Show or text SHOW to 75782

Generators: No auxiliary generators will be provided.

Parking: Parking will be allowed on the fairgrounds in designated areas at no cost. All persons in the vehicle must have a wristband to enter the Fairgrounds. Wristbands will not be available on site.

Trailer Parking: Trailers parking will be available on grounds in designated areas at no cost.

Premiums and Ribbons: The Danish Ribbon systems will still be used – exhibitors will receive the typical Purple, Blue, Red, White in each class. However, monetary premiums will be paid only to the top 3 placings in each class across all divisions.

Rules: Premium books with full rules will be available by end of day June 19 at

Exhibitors will notice some key changes for 2020 in certain species. For instance, due to no market outlet, market swine will not be loaded out for harvest. All shows will be non-terminal with the exception of the following animals that will be processed at Iowa State University Meat Lab: Grand and Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Steer; Grand and Reserve Grand 4-H Champion Market Heifer; Grand and Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Hog; Grand and Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Market Lamb; Grand and Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Broiler (Special); Grand Champion 4-H Market Meat Goat; Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Lamb; Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Hog; Grand Champion FFA Market Meat Goat.

Due to physical distancing requirements, reduction of interactions and lack of resources, carcass classes will not be available.

Other Amenities: A small variety of food and show supply vendors will be available.

No overnight accommodations will be allowed in the barns or the Youth Inn.

Camping is available in the Fair campgrounds. More information may be found here:

COVID-19 Precautions:

All employees, exhibitors, vendors, and patrons must closely follow all rules, guidelines, and advice set forth by the United States Federal Government, CDC, State of Iowa Governor’s Office, Iowa Department of Public Health, ESA (Event Safety Alliance), and the IISC (Iowa Illinois Safety Council).

It is strongly encouraged that volunteers, participants, and families use face coverings and practice physical distancing.

Some rows or sections of seating may be blocked off in order to space people at least 6 feet apart.

Lines or queues will be eliminated where possible or people will be encouraged to stay at least 6 feet apart by providing signs or other visual cues such as tape or chalk marks.

Frequent hand washing with soap and water is greatly encouraged. If soap and water is not available hand sanitation stations will be placed throughout the barns and show arenas.

Cleaning and sanitization of all frequently touched surfaces will occur during the set-up and throughout the duration of the events.

For further information, please contact the Competitive Events Department at or 515.262.3111 x207

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