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Birthday Winners

9-13: Layton Lansing

9-12: Sommer Lonning

9-11: Tori Rozonke

9-10: Trevor Pesinosky

9-9: Jace Buddenberg

9-6: Eli Lyon

9-5: Scott Irons

9-4: Colton Brummond

9-3: Jeff Larson

8-30: Audrey Hemsath

8-29: Tammy Hanson

8-28: Audra Ellingson

8-27: Andy Smith

8-26: Alex Ives

8-23: Caleb Holzer

8-22: Tony Melvin

8-21: Bonnie Halverson

8-20: Justin Nelson

8-19: Kim Maret

8-16: Jacob Hageman

8-15: Edmund Samek

8-14: Reed Fjelstul

8-13: Grant Knutson

8-12: Hannah Vaughts

Anniversary Winners

9-13: Jess and Nicole Ellingson

9-12: Rod and Cheryl Pennybaker

9-11: Rick and Donna Hackman

9-10: Kevin and Shawn Wesselman

9-9: Lynn and Mary Beth Tillbar

9-6: Dave and Laura Greve

9-5: Craig and Trisha Henry

9-4: Matt and Lisa Ellis

9-3: Kevin and Darla Wenthold

8-30: John and Sue Ryan

8-29: Gerald and Marla Busta

8-28: Leo and Brenda Schroder

8-27: Scott and Carolyn Lexinger

8-26: Nick and Linda Gehling

8-23: Soctt and Mary Sindelar

8-22: Leon and Melinda Steinlage

8-21: Myron and Joyce Rediski

8-20:James and Raydeen Burke

8-19: Janette and Steve Kimber

8-16: Jim and Trish Bossom

8-15: Randy and Mary Jo Hangardener

8-14: Gary and Deb Smorstad

8-13: April and David Wilker

8-12:Dan and Carolyn Heying

Water Cooler Questions

  • July 22nd

    The average person has 12 of these in their home that they didn’t pay for. What is it?
  • July 18th

    50% of workers wish their company had THIS? What is it?
  • July 17th

    50% of people don’t wash THIS at home. What is it? Their produce
  • July 16th

    The Average lifespan of THIS household item is 10 years. What is it? Vacuum cleaner
  • July 15th

    According to a survey, the average person gets 4 of THESE a year. Birthday Presents
  • July 12th

    33% of people have secretly done THIS at work. What is it? Answer: Steal someone’s lunch
  • July 11th

    In a survey, 87% of people said that while traveling via plane, THIS is the worst thing a fellow passenger can do. What is it? Take off their socks
  • July 10th

    14% of people with tattoos have THIS tattooed on their body. What is it? Their pet
  • July 9th

    The average person keeps THIS for four years and four months. What is it? Answer: A pair of pants
  • July 8th

    6% of people have broken up with someone over THIS. Answer: Something seen on Facebook.
  • July 5th

    58% of dog owners know that people roll their eyes when they do THIS for their dog. Sing ‘Happy Birthday’
  • July 3rd

    19% of people cannot name a single one of THESE. What is it? Authors
  • July 2nd

    Just 2% of office workers say this is their biggest office pet peeve. What is it? Loud Typing
  • July 1st

    1 in 4 men have had a relationship end because he did THIS. What? They proposed!
  • June 28th

    The average woman spends 400 hours per year doing what? Shopping