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Birthday Winners

5-17: Drew Patterson

5-16: Caleb Droppe

5-15: Gabe Danielson

5-14: Joshua Jensen

5-13: Stacy Englehardt

5-10: Michael Denner

5-9: Cassidy Foltz

5-8: Alison Bigler

5-7: Isabelle Goltz

5-6: Cassie Thorson

5-3: Cameron Cox

5-2: Allison Kuhn

5-1: Melissa Ward

4-30: Gabriella Ganson

4-29: Viola Linderbaum

4-26: Gavin Knutson

4-25: Noah Jenkins

4-24: Brailey Holthaus

4-23: Andrew Luzem

4-22: Wyatt Allan

4-19: Judy Hanson

4-18: Blake Murphy

4-17: Gracelyn Hotvedt

4-16:Patyon Schultz

4-15: Blaire Bakken

Anniversary Winners

5-17: Pat and Amy O'Regan

5-16: Rich and Kristy Klimesh

5-15: Jason and Jessica Engen

5-14: Dennis and Jody Halse

5-13: Scott and Kelly Jenkins

5-10: Sandy and Vern Tinte

5-9: Jay and Margaret Uhlenhakke

5-8: Dean and Marsha Henning

5-7: Larry and Bev Whittle

5-6: Marc and Kathy Rosendahl

5-3: Adam and Lana Thornton

5-2: Kevin and Kristy Meyer

5-1: Pat and Joan Costigan

4-30: Justin and Allison Adams

4-29: Nolan and Abby Hageman

4-26:Rod and Melody Gilson

4-25: Paul and Connie Stevens

4-24: Raymond and Mary Huinker

4-23: Kim and Russ O'Brian

4-22: Gene and Kris Smith

4-19: Tony and Mary Lee

4-18: Tim and Janelle Beckman

4-17: Mark and Valarie Natvig

4-16: Lori and Brian Dahl

4-15: Harold and Marlys Rosendahl

Water Cooler Questions

  • May 17th

    If you add THIS to your diet, you’ll burn more calories. What is it?
  • May 16th

    Almost 5 per cent of us say they’ve never washed THIS. What is it? Their jeans
  • May 15th

    The average person waits 39 days before doing THIS in front of a new partner. What is it? Using a coupon
  • May 14th

    50% of parents say they don’t want their kids picking up THIS bad habit from them. What is it? Their driving habits
  • May 13th

    90% of us admit we do THIS but 80% won’t do it if anyone else is around….Sing in the car. (Women and redheads are most likely to.)
  • May 10th

    About 10% of adults have had the same one of THESE since elementary school. What is it?Their Best Friend!
  • May 9th

    A study found that 1 in 4 men never ever do THIS. What is it? Wear Deodorant
  • May 8th

    A study found that a compliment from a boss is the number 1 thing that increases worker productivity. What is number 2? Free food!
  • May 7th

    20% of married people say THIS is what their spouses did that caused them to quit speaking to them the last time. Threw something away they shouldn’t have.
  • May 6th

    11% of new parents say they have fallen asleep HERE. Where is it? In the Shower
  • May 3rd 2019

    The average guy will do THIS almost 1200 times this year, while the average woman will do it fewer than 800 times. What is it? Tell a lie
  • May 2nd

    50% of people think THIS could hold them back from advancing in their career. What is it? Their tattoo (or tattoos)
  • May 1st

    5% of men do THIS to impress a date? What is it? Answer: Grow stubble
  • April 30th

    7% of brides reportedly do THIS before getting married. What is it? Get a nose job
  • April 29th

    THIS has been called the most dangerous food to eat while driving. What is it? Potato Chips