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Birthday Winners

7-22: Gracie Lyn Olsgard

7-19: Timothy Neil

7-18: Riley Wolfiel

7-17: Nadia Johnson

7-16: Zariah McConnel

7-15: Blake Busta

7-12: Ethan Rice

7-11: Dawson Meyer

7-10: Rhianna Ellingson

7-9: Easton Farley

7-8: Tom Malanaphy

7-5: Macy Bower

7-3: Bryce Moellers

7-2: Hannah Schnitzler

7-1: Anabell Baker

6-28: Olivia Keunnon

6-27: Hazel Quam

6-26: Mya Taylor (AND  it's Les' birthday! He can't win but tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!!!!)

6-25: Kayden Fritz

6-24: Elsa McCarger

6-21: Keegan Quinn

6-20: Jason Soland

6-19: Iver Ellingson

6-18: Billie Wagner

6-17: Noah Hanson

6-14: Aiden Fink

6-13: Hayden Hauber

6-12: Parker Lensing

6-11: Jessica Engen

6-10: Ashely Leiran

Anniversary Winners

7-22: Justin and Kenzie Meyer

7-19: Neil and Michelle Funke

7-18: Keith and Sandy Elsbernd

7-17: Pat and Jessica McCabe

7-16: Rusty and Rosalyn Samuelson

7-15: Dawn and JR Erikson

7-12: Brian Vicky Losen

7-11: Colleen and Bobby Stika

7-10: Steve and Beth Panos

7-9: Kevin and Pam Cline

7-8: Jack and Janet Borseth

7-5: Tom and Kris Omar

7-3: John and Amy Martin

7-2: Cary and Margie Kleve

7-1: Kim and Kevin Huinker

6-28: Mike and Amy Sabelka

6-27: Louis and Pat Courtney

6-26: Ryan and Lindsey Vsteka

6-25: Maynard and Rhonda Thompson

6-24: Adam and Michelle Brincks

6-21 Colleen and Andy Cray

6-20: Randy and Kay Imoehl

6-19: Dave and Rosalind Palis

6-18: Dave and Jean Wise

6-17: Mark and Jody Hanson

6-14: Jim and Connie McComb

6-13: Earl and Cindy Lensing

6-12: Jerry and Samantha Kriener

6-11: Darrel and Irene Bohr

6-10: Dan and Bethany Bolz

Water Cooler Questions

  • July 22nd

    The average person has 12 of these in their home that they didn’t pay for. What is it?
  • July 18th

    50% of workers wish their company had THIS? What is it?
  • July 17th

    50% of people don’t wash THIS at home. What is it? Their produce
  • July 16th

    The Average lifespan of THIS household item is 10 years. What is it? Vacuum cleaner
  • July 15th

    According to a survey, the average person gets 4 of THESE a year. Birthday Presents
  • July 12th

    33% of people have secretly done THIS at work. What is it? Answer: Steal someone’s lunch
  • July 11th

    In a survey, 87% of people said that while traveling via plane, THIS is the worst thing a fellow passenger can do. What is it? Take off their socks
  • July 10th

    14% of people with tattoos have THIS tattooed on their body. What is it? Their pet
  • July 9th

    The average person keeps THIS for four years and four months. What is it? Answer: A pair of pants
  • July 8th

    6% of people have broken up with someone over THIS. Answer: Something seen on Facebook.
  • July 5th

    58% of dog owners know that people roll their eyes when they do THIS for their dog. Sing ‘Happy Birthday’
  • July 3rd

    19% of people cannot name a single one of THESE. What is it? Authors
  • July 2nd

    Just 2% of office workers say this is their biggest office pet peeve. What is it? Loud Typing
  • July 1st

    1 in 4 men have had a relationship end because he did THIS. What? They proposed!
  • June 28th

    The average woman spends 400 hours per year doing what? Shopping