Water Cooler Question

December 19, 2019

Question: The average woman spends between 3-and-4 hours a year doing THIS. What is it? Answer: Wrapping Christmas gifts.

Dec 16th 2019

Question: The most eagerly anticipated Christmas activity is decorating the tree. THIS comes in a close second. What is it? Answer: Desserts

December 10, 2019

Question: If you’re average, you have 20 of these. What are they? Answer: Apps on your phone. The top five: Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, YouTube and Snapchat

December 10th

Question: Most of us say we’d be willing to drive 150 miles (240km) for THIS. What is it? Answer: To see their favorite band or singer

July 22nd

The average person has 12 of these in their home that they didn’t pay for. What is it?