Water Cooler Question

Jan 9, 2020

Question: 40% of people have never bothered to do THIS for their partner. What is it? Answer: Made breakfast in bed

Jan 8, 2020

Question: Just six percent of people who do THIS job are women. What is it? Answer: Truck driver

Jan 7, 2020

Question: 10% of men admit they have done THIS after a first date. What is it? Answer: Changed their phone number

Jan 6, 2020

Question: 40% of us say we’ve yelled out for help after THIS happened. What is it? Answer: Ran out of toilet paper

Jan 3, 2020

Question: 75% of dads say doing THIS makes them feel like a kid again. What is it? Answer: Watching cartoons

Jan 2, 2020

Question: According to one survey, THIS is the 4th most common New Year’s resolution, following exercising more, losing weight and getting organized. What is it? Answer: To learn a new skill or hobby.

Dec 31, 2019

Question: THIS little thing can actually travel up to 100mph. What is it? Answer: A champagne cork

Dec 22, 2019

Question: 10% of families will do THIS before breakfast on Christmas morning. What is it? Answer: Argue.

December 20, 2019

Question: Only 15% of polled people say they will do THIS during the holiday season. Answer: Give their boss a gift.