Water Cooler Question

June 18th

Men who have THIS are better at attracting women than men who don’t. What is it? A Deep voice

June 17th

85% of married couples say doing this daily activity together improves their relationship. What is it? Cooking

June 14th

25% of men say they turned into their father when they began doing THIS. What is it? Dancing badly at parties and family gatherings

June 11th

According to a survey, 4% of lost remote controls are later found in THIS strange location. Where? In the freezer or fridge

June 10th

12% of us say that we have tried to ‘butter up’ the boss by doing THIS. What is it? Bringing Cake to work!

June 7th

15% of hiring managers say a female employee or applicant who has THIS is likely a party animal. What is it? Smudged mascara

June 6th

40% of men wish their wife would do THIS, but don’t have the guts to ask. What is it? Clean their hair out of the shower drain

June 5th

68% of people would rather dump their partner than THIS. What is it? Giving up Bacon

June 4th

People are three times more likely to do THIS when they’re alone. What is it? Singing out of tune!