Month: May 2019

May 30th

94% of men don’t know that their partner does THIS. What is it? Waxes or bleaches her mustache

May 28th

The average person will do THIS 7163 times before they die. What is it? Take a bath

May 24th

When it comes to ‘dumping’ someone, more than 30% said that THIS was the real reason. What? The other person wasn’t smart enough

May 23rd

61% of men have lied about liking THIS in order to fit in. What is it? NFL Football

May 22nd

22% of people say they knew they were getting old when THIS started happening on a regular basis. What is it? Forgetting where they left their glasses

May 21st

Having THIS increases your chances of landing a job by 10%. What is it? White Teeth!

May 17th

If you add THIS to your diet, you’ll burn more calories. What is it? Add Hot sauce!!

May 16th

Almost 5 per cent of us say they’ve never washed THIS. What is it? Their jeans