Nell Halverson

Nell Halverson Head Shot

Traffic Manager and News Director, also all around office flunky!

Getting to Know YOOOOUUUUUU, getting to know all about yyyoooouuuuu .... (reference to "The King and I" - obviously!)

-Do you like you handwriting? I don't think I have much choice here but my handwriting does appear to be getting worse as I age.
-Do you use sarcasm? Um, does a bear ...ahem, of course not.
-Do you still have your tonsils? Indeed I do! Come and pry them from ...I mean, Yup!!
-What is the first thing you notice about people? That they are people, you know, not vegetables or minerals.
-Do you do push ups? Are you a pointing a gun at my head? Then you BET!
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