Ring Together for Compassion Hope & Celebration

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Posted: April 10, 2020

We would like to invite your churches to ring your bells  with us in an UNITED SOUND  of  compassion , hope , peace and celebration on EASTER SUNDAY  10 a.m. for five-SIX  minutes…and we also invite  all members of your congregations to  step outside their homes and join in the UNITED RING with us!


WE need to celebrate,  and we must pray and continue to do so in the next weeks.  LET’S MAKE A UNITED EFFORT..and if we are loud enough , we might catch the sound, and know we are together in faith and in the promise of the RESURRECTED CHRIST!  10 a.m. EASTER SUNDAY FOR FIVE -SIX MINUES!


PLEASE GET THE WORD TO ALL YOUR PEOPLE  AND IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! AND RING THOSE CHURCH BELLS AS LOUDLY AS YOU CAN!  Be sure the kids have noise makers, pots and pans and whatever to join in!