Postville information April 3, 2020

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Posted: April 3, 2020

3 April 2020
From: Allamakee County Emergency Management Agency, Allamakee County Public Health and the
Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office
The following release is to provide information related to various rumors and statements specific to the
community of Postville and to also provide additional information related to the COVID-19 response within
Allamakee County.
There have been numerous calls, emails and social media posts reference the arrival of busloads of people
within Postville from outside jurisdictions. In conversation with the local officials in Postville, to include law
enforcement and the leadership within the community mentioned, there is no evidence or credible proof
that this is occurring. While travel is recommended to be restricted in many cases from certain areas, this is
not mandated, and people are still free to travel within the United States. Our guidance to everyone is to
avoid unnecessary travel at this time and social distancing is in place.
There have been also statements heard reference testing tents being set up in this area and this is also
untrue. Any testing within the county would be done with coordination with Allamakee County Public
Health, Allamakee County Emergency Management and the State of Iowa, and this is not taking place.
We are unable to release specific cities or locations within the county of individuals who have tested positive
for COVID-19 and this information will remain to be just by county of residence alone.
Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are contacted daily by Public Health and everyone within that
home is instructed to stay quarantined within that home until released by Public Health. Many individuals
who have tested positive for COVID-19 are currently off isolation and are able to freely move about. On
Mondays and Fridays Public Health will release how many current positive cases reside in the county, how
many have recovered, how many tests have been processed through the State Hygienic Lab from Allamakee
County, any deaths due to COVID-19 and how many positive cases are currently hospitalized. This
information will be provided to the public through local media sources.
Additionally, Allamakee County Emergency Management, in addition to many other counties throughout the
State, has been provided a single Liaison Officer from the Iowa National Guard. This support has been
provided to aid counties in the planning and preparation of potential contingency situations and their
support has been greatly appreciated as we continue to move forward in response to this pandemic. National
Guard units are also supporting the State with delivery of Personal Protective Equipment needed by
healthcare providers and emergency responders. This included a delivery to Allamakee County.
Finally, we are asking people to be cautious and skeptical of what they read on social media and hear in
conversation. Please understand local county and city authorities are aware of the above-mentioned
concerns and are working with the various agencies and organizations mentioned in these comments to
address credibility and concerns to determine if any action is warranted and/or needed.
Point of contact is Corey Snitker, Allamakee County Emergency Management Agency at 563-568-4233 or
email at