2019 Fort Atkinson Iowa Rendezvous Theme is “Frontier Blades”

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Posted: September 16, 2019

2019 Fort Atkinson Iowa Rendezvous The Theme for the Fort Atkinson Rendezvous, scheduled for September 28th & 29th 2019, is “Frontier Blades”

Frontier Blades were an essential part of the Army and the early settlers, they included the Sword, the Bayonet and the Bowie Knife. These were standard items that no one would be without, even though the
Army Soldiers and the Frontier Trader’s and Explorer’s carried guns, an edged weapon was an integral part of their lives.

They were utilized for combat, defense and hunting, as well as the everyday use of a knife which involved skinning, fire starting and cutting of various items.

Various other renditions of Frontier Blades were commonly made by blacksmiths for specific reasons, Knifemaking is an art in itself involving knowledge and skill, many examples will be on display and some examples for sale to the public.

This Year’s Rendezvous Days is the 43rd Annual and is held in September on Saturday the 28th & Sunday the 29th, admission is free and open to the Public, the School Day will be held on Friday the 27th

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