Great Giveaway 2019

The Great Giveaway is back for 2019 and even greater with FOUR big winners this year! One winner will take home a new Polaris Ranger purchased at Waukon Powersports. Another winner will get a two year lease of a Ford, Chevrolet or Ram pickup truck with help from KAR Auto Group. A third winner gets $4000.00 in credit towards a new roof from Jake’s Roofing. A fourth winner receives a $2,500.00 Car Care Package from Clark Tire Pros in Waukon. Contest rules at bottom of this page:

2019 Great Giveaway Qualifiers: (S= Side-By-Side qualifiers; T= Truck Lease qualifiers; R= Roofing Credit qualifiers; C= Car Care Package qualifiers.)

4-27-19: Casey’s, Monona
S= Pat Egan – Monona
T= Jackalyn Voss – Monona
R= Brad Henry – Waukon
C= Sharon Ingles – Monona

5-24-19: Casey’s, West Union
S= Dianah Brandt – Tripoli
T= Kimberly Kime – Hawkeye
R= Chris Kleppe – West Union
C= Mal Holden – West Union

5-26-19: Casey’s, Decorah
S= Arlyn Elsbernd – Calmar; Brian Erickson – Decorah
T= Michelle Penoch – Cresco; Darrel Stoskopf – Decorah
R= John Rilling – Decorah; Alicia Treangen – Decorah
C= Kendal Beisker – Farmersburg; Verna Lee – Decorah

5-27-19: Casey’s, Freeport
S= Bob Hlubeck – Ridgeway
T= Jim Creek – Decorah
R= Reed Upton – Fort Atkinson
C= Joan Beckman – Ossian

6-2-19: Casey’s, Cresco
S= Neal Stapelkamp – Cresco; Diana Sobolik – Lime Springs
T= Nancy White – Decorah; Louie Wenthold – Cresco
R= Deb Jenson – Cresco; Lori Stapelkamp – Cresco
C= Joyce Swestka – Cresco; Gary Jensen – Cresco

6-8-19: Casey’s, Monona
S= Drew Reicks – Postville; Robert Gronewold – Waterville
T= Eileen Meyer – Postvile; Larry Lee – Calmar
R= Mike Schroeder – Caledonia; Sandy Coleman – Monona
C= Pauline Dettmann – Monona; Todd Walsh – Luana

6-14-19: Peoples State Bank, Harpers Ferry
S= Jill Finholt, Decorah; Judy Hanson, West Union
T= Robin Adam, Monona; Daren Kaeppel, Harpers Ferry
R= Eric Summerhays, Reedsburg; Dawn Peterson, Waukon
C= Barb Oldenburger, Waterloo; David Brickman, Harpers Ferry

6-15-19: Lawler Irish Fest
S= Pat Costigan, Lawler; Travis Prien, Waterloo
T= John Fitzgerald, Elma; John Hackman, Fort Atkinson
R= Darlene Gebel, New Hampton; Nathan Krueger, West Salem
C= Tom Berst, Lawler; Megan Swestka, Cresco

6-16-19: Casey’s, Marquette
S= Michelle Gress, Waukon; Joelene Weidemann, Fayette
T= Harely Jones, Marquette; Robert Millin, McGregor
R= Samantha Sherwood, Waukon; David Huisman, Britt
C= Brenda Dougherty, Waukon; Darin Rogers, Waterloo

6-20-19: Port Side Supper Club, Harpers Ferry
S= Virginia Good, New Hartford; Tom Boots, Harpers Ferry
T= Tom Frosty, Monona; Jason Good, Waterloo
R= Craig Thompson, Luana; Dave Palmer, Harpers Ferry
C= Darnell Burroughs, Waukon; Jean Gavin, Harpers Ferry

6-20-19: Casey’s, Cresco
S= Dan Kirkeby, Decorah; Josh Heying, Cresco
T= Judy Bergan, Cresco; Joan Lee, Calmar
R= Tony Lentz; Dean Kuhn, Cresco
C= Rachel Gooder, Cresco; Darrell Souhnada, Lime Springs

6-21-19: Pool 9, New Albin
S= Ray Waters; Cole Konkel
T= Darlene Serres; Sue Richards
R= Gene Pohlman; Steve McAhren
C= Blake Dixon; Norlin Meiners

6-22-19: Casey’s, Freeport
S= Mark Staggemeyer, Eitzen; Bridget Drain, Waukon
T= Trever Falk, Decorah; Rick Holthaus, Decorah
R= Lincoln Matter, Postville; Gerald Folstad, Decorah
C= Miranda Cook, Ossian; Lester Peterson, Decorah

6-22-19: St. Lucas Fun Day
S= Mark Meirick, Protivin; Clair Dietzenbach, Waucoma
T= Jeremy Kriener; Donna Dietzenbach, Protivin
R= Louis Smith, Waucoma; Shaun Dehning, Decorah
C= Eric Robrock, West Union; Jolene Steinlage, West Union

6-27-19: Casey’s, Cresco
S= Steve Matt, Cresco; Dean Hron, Cresco
T= Erica Kovarik, Cresco; Brad Moudry, Calmar
R= Rick Deutsch, Nashua; Randy Kerian, Cresco
C= Gerald Balk, Waucoma; Brad Dull, Cresco

6-29-19: Waukon Powersports/Harley-Davidson
S= Terry Krueger-Rekow, Elgin; D. Seward, Canton
T= Andrea Zutz, Harmony; Lee Ellickson, Waukon
R= Trina Cheever, Cedar Falls; George Michel, Harmony
C= Bernard Berns, Waukon; Dennis Stannard, Wadena

7-2-19: Casey’s Monona
S= Chris Howe, Monona; Bill Fuelling, Monona
T= Jon Sleister, McGregor; Lauren Egeland, Ossian
R= Pauline Dettmann; Harlan Thurn, St. Olaf
C= Mike Meyer, Monona; Devin Berg, Waukon

7-3-19: Casey’s Decorah
S= Jeb Burrichter, Dorchester; Mike Paulson, Decorah
T= Ian Lienau, Ossian; Bob Schroeder, Calmar
R= Larry Ingvalson, Decorah; Loretta Henry, Decorah
C= Elsa Folstad, Decorah; Cal Drew, Decorah

7-4-19: Casey’s Cresco
S= Terry Henry, Decorah; Josh Kappes, Lime Springs
T= Greg Mitchell, Decorah; Alex Richardson, Cresco
R= Amy Roberts, Lime Springs; Greg Gilbertson, Waukon
C= Tina Wedo, Spillville; Deb Hanson, Austin

7-9-19: Casey’s Freeport
S= Jason Bockman, Decorah; Al Lechtenberg, Calmar
T= Jacob Hayes, Lime Springs; Todd Hill, Ridgeway
R= Dean Nierling, Decorah; Darlene Gebel, New Hampton
C= Matt McCabe, Decorah; Cody Richardson, Prairie du Chien

7-11-19: Winneshiek County Fair
S= Elsa Folstad, Decorah; Jess Rediske, Decorah
T= George Dansdill, Decorah; Tiffany Dahlberg, Hesper
R= Jenn Gulbranson, Spring Grove; Eric Gerleman, Mabel
C= Hannah Scheevel, Decorah; Jennifer Zweibohmer, Decorah

7-17-19: Casey’s, Waukon
S= Susan Wilwert, Lansing; Dawn Rae Blocker, Waukon
T= Bridget Drain, Waukon; LaVonne Martie, Waukon
R= Sue Freese, Waukon; Chase Hershey, Oelwein
C= Joe Bloxham, Waukon; Elaine Mahr, Waukon

7-18-19: Allamakee County Fair
Qualifiers are being certified and will be posted soon!

7-18-19: Dixie’s Beirgarten, Decorah
S= Mike Root, Decorah; Cody Webb, Decorah
T= Angela Leuenberger, Decorah; Gretchen Bruening, Decorah
R= Julie Ziegler, Decorah; Cody Nelson, Decorah
C= Jane Webb, Decorah; Tiffany Dahlberg, Hesper

7-19-19: Sherwin Williams, Decorah
S= Renee Hankes, Waukon; Harlold Lee, Decorah
T= Loretta Henry, Decorah; Janice Marlow, Decorah
R= Travis Hagensick, Decorah; Roger Hamilton, Decorah
C= Pat Costigan, Lawler; Andrew Beebe, Decorah

7-19-19: Fillmore County Fair, Preston
S= Matt Schnebly, Lanesboro; Jessica Schnebly, Lanesboro
T= Doug Ward, Mabel; Wayne Halvorson, Chatfield
R= Joey McClintock, Lamoni; Mitchell Holers, Chatfield
C= Daryl Samin, Decorah; Noah Fenske, Chatfield

7-23-19: Fayette County Fair, West Union 4-6pm

7-24-19: Casey’s, West Union 4-6pm

7-26-19: Casey’s, Postville 4-6p

7-27-19: Houston Hoe Down 12-2pm

7-27-19: Casey’s, Decorah 4-6pm

7-27-19: The Zipper, Festina 5-7pm

Sign up at participating sponsor locations for a chance to qualify for prizes. Registration locations and times will be announced weekly on-air on KNEI, KVIK and KMRV. Two qualifiers will be drawn for each of the four prizes at each registration location. Must be 18 or older to register. One entry per person at each location. If multiple entries for the same person are discovered at any location, that person will be eliminated from the entire promotion. Employees and immediate family members of Wennes Communications and promotion partners are not eligible to register for prizes or claim prizes. Need not be present to be drawn as a qualifier. No purchase necessary. The Side by Side and Car Care Package will be awarded on Thursday, September 19th, at 6pm at Waukon Power Sports in Waukon. Truck Lease and Roofing Credit will be awarded on Saturday, September 21st, at Noon at Decorah Chevrolet – Cadillac in Decorah. Prize winners are responsible for any tax, title, license or dealer fees if applicable. No losses, of any kind, are assumed by Wennes Communications, promotion partners or registration sponsor locations. Contest rules are subject to change without notice.