3-22: 20 years ago, people did THIS an average of 3  times a day. Now? One or fewer. What is it?
3-21: 16% of men have THIS on their desk. What is it? A picture of their pet
3-20: According to stats, THIS has grown 2.5 inches since 1997. What?  The average waistline
3-19: Although THIS annual activity likely dates back thousands of years, the first recorded mention of it wasn't until 1857. Spring Cleaning
3-18: 67% of men say they have done this special favor for their lady. What is it?  Wash her vehicle
3-15: According to a survey, 21% of us will celebrate St Patricks Day by doing THIS. What? Watching a parade
3-14: Almost 80% of people will tell you they're very good at THIS, but studies show it's actually about half that number ... Spelling
3-13: Only 20% of teens have one of these. What? a wrist watch
3-12: Just over 25% of people do THIS after making a big purchase. What is it? Post about it on social media
3-11: 1 in 5 women feel guilty about THIS. What is it? Not making the bed
3-8: 8% of adults say they have never done THIS.  What is it? Sent an email
3-7: 15% of men did this when proposing. What is it? Break out in a cold sweat
3-6: 27% of women admit that they snack less before doing THIS. What is it? Bathing suit Shopping
3-5: The average age a person stops doing this is 31. What is it?  Having birthday parties
3-4: 22% of people do THIS while watching their favorite team play. What is it?" Bite their nails
3-1:A new study shows that you will consume 15% more calories if you do THIS while you are eating.  What?  Look at your Smartphone
2-28: This week, 4% of us will do THIS with our car. It's definitely embarrassing, and it could be costly.  What is it?
2-26: For 5% of us, THIS is our go-to food after a bad day.  What is it? Mac and Cheese
2-25: Employers say THIS is their second biggest employee fashion pet peeve (after wearing sneakers). What is it? Wrinkled Clothing
2-22:  If you're average, in the next three months, THIS will happen to you six times.  What? someone will sneeze on you.
2-21: More than 35% of men can't tell you THIS about their wife.  What? Their shoe size