2-9: As many as 15% of women do THIS on Valentine's Day.
2-8: The average person has 19 of THESE in their lifetime. Doctors
2-5:  If you have one of THESE, odds are you spend about $792 a year on it. A Cat
2-4:  A new study says that college & university students spend 20% of their day at school doing THIS. On their Cell Phones
2-3: Sales of THESE are said to triple the week before the Super Bowl. LaZBoy Recliners
2-2: The average woman complains about THIS twice a day. Men
2-1: New stats say the average woman will do THIS about 16 times in her lifetime. Go on a Diet
1-29: THIS costs about 8 cents per square inch and you likely buy a lot of it. Pizza
1-28: A new poll finds the average parent spends over $400 per child each year on THIS: Birthdays.
1-27: The average woman does THIS 8 times per day. Criticizes herself
1-26: Close to 50,000 people needed medical attention last year due to THIS: Bites from other people
1-25: About 1 in 5 drivers keep THIS in the glove compartment. A Tube of toothpaste
1-22: Over three quarters of us do THIS alone, but would prefer to do it with a partner: Drive to work.
1-21: The average teenager owns 3 of THESE. Sports jerseys
1-20: If you are average, it'll take you 5-and-a-half hours to complete THIS. Read a Book
1-19: About 1-in-10 people do this in the morning, while the rest find it impossible.Wake up without an alarm.
1-18: A survey shows about 1-in-3 guys have borrowed THIS from their ladies. Deodorant.
1-15: On average we each have eaten 257 of THESE over the past year. Eggs
1-14: 40% of women have done this because they envied a friend's Weight Loss
1-13: A new poll finds that THIS is the #1 phrase women don't want to hear. You look tired
1-12: 1-in-10 of us say THIS is the first person we'd call if we won the lotto. A lawyer
1-11:It's estimated that THIS will happen to 15% of us this month.   Injury during a workout.
1-8: A poll finds that over half of us had THIS New Year's resolution. Nope, not lose weight. Get a new job
1-7: 1-in-4 men say they won't date a woman if she has THIS. Facial Piercings
1-6: 1-in-3 wives wish their husbands would do THIS more often. Hold hands
1-5: Close to 20,000 people per year injure themselves doing THIS at the gym. Falling off the treadmill
1-4: Retail research suggests you'll spend way less shopping if you do THIS. Shop Alone
12-24: You probably already used one of THESE this morning and you'll likely use 5 different ones this week.
12-23:  According to research, Wednesday is the most popular day of the week to do THIS. Go on a first date.
12-22: When it comes to 'small talk' a poll says the #1 topic is food, followed by THIS. Fitness/Exercise
12-21:  81% of people polled think members of THIS profession are honest, making it the most trusted of all in 2015. Nurses