3-2: 10% of single guys lie about this more than anything else on their dating profiles.
2-27: A new survey says the average person has only 4 of THESE. Friends they can trust.
2-26:Women have dreams that feature THIS animal more than any other. Snake
2-25: The average person does THIS 10 times while they're on a week-long vacation. Post things on Facebook
2-24:  It takes the average person about 5 hours to do THIS. Read a book
2-23: According to a poll, THIS is the household item we are most afraid of. The garbage Disposal
2-20:  It's estimated that 1-in-50 kids born this year will go through life without one of THESE. A  Middle Name
2-19: The average guy will do THIS 6 times on a first date. Lie
2-18: 1-out-of-every-5 of THESE gets stolen. Hotel towels.
2-17: The average woman does THIS 19 times before she gets married. Kisses 19 different men.
2-16: THIS is now true in almost 40% of heterosexual marriages. The woman makes more money
2-13: Most of us do THIS once a week, but 28% do it 2-or-3 times a week and 9% claim they do it every single day. Vacuum.
2-12: Over the past 4 years online searches for THIS have quadrupled. Butt implants.
2-11: The average person is carrying around THIS right now.  $22 in cash.
2-10:It's estimated North Americans will spend $700 million on THIS for Valentines Day. Gifts for pets
2-9: On average, we only agree to do THIS for 60 seconds before quitting. Stay on hold before hanging up a phone call.
2-6: Doing THIS feels as good as winning money, according to a new survey. Reading
2-5:The average man has 11 of THESE, while the average woman has only 5. Hats
2-4:  An average one of THESE travels at 3 mph (5 km/h). A Snowflake
2-3: Almost everybody does THIS eventually, but the average person now does it 4 years sooner compared to 40 years ago. Goes gray
1-27: Studies show doing THIS will make people trust you ...Wearing lavender or having a lavender air freshener.
1-26: There are 96 of THESE on the Moon. Bags of Human Waste
1-23:The average person will touch fewer than 100 of THESE in a lifetime. 100 Dollar Bills
1-22:Couple do THIS a total of 4 hours during the month of January, more than any other month. Argue
1-21:The average cost of one of THESE is $3,950, a 21% increase from last year. A Super Bowl Ticket
1-20: THIS is said to be the key to getting a second date with someone. Ordering dessert with them.
1-19:  Perhaps surprisingly, Florida has more of THESE than McDonald's locations. Tanning Salons