10-8: There are 3.04 trillion of THESE on Earth.
10-7: According to a survey, THIS is the first food most people learn how to cook. Mac and Cheese
10-6: A typical woman spends 40 minutes more per day doing THIS than an average man. Working
10-5: Employees are 20% happier at work on days that include THIS. Free Food
10-2: : In NYC, the average person doing THIS job makes almost $110,000 a year. A School Custodian
10-1: About half of us say we do not want our significant other to do THIS for us in bed. Breakfast in bed
9-30: The average man owns 4 of THESE. Pairs of pants that are too short for him.
9-29: The average woman will have 6 of THESE per month. Bad Hair Days
9-28: People who bring reusable bags to the grocery store are more likely to buy THIS. Junk Food
9-25: On average we do this 14 times per day...pass gas
9-24: 7% of women won't allow their man to wear this ...a hoodie
9-23: 25% of people who have gotten a tattoo of this wish they hadn't ... Butterfly
9-22: In an average day we do this 20 times...Complain
9-21: 48% of women don't do this on Sunday...put on makeup
9-17: 28% of us have shown up late to work because of this ...hangover
9-16: 41% of men say they can't go a week without this ... Pizza
9-15: Consumers spend $800 million a year on this food item. What is it? Peanut Butter
9-14: 21% of people have stolen THIS from a restaurant. Toilet paper
9-11: If something in your kitchen is past it's expiration date it's probably spices, followed by this. Cans of soup
9-10: A new study says the average person has 3 of THESE right now. Past due bills.
9-9: At the beginning of a marriage THIS lasts about 40 minutes. Later, the average time drops to less than 15 minutes. Dinner conversation.
9-8: Women are 4 times more likely than men to have problems with THIS. Their Feet
9-4: 40% of people who have one of THESE very expensive items, never use it. A law degree.
9-3: If this is an average day, you'll do THIS more than 20 times. Complain.
9-2: A list of "Top 10 Things You Should NOT Own After Age 30″ is topped by THIS. Unframed posters.
9:1: 2/3 of women polled say they dislike it when a man wears THIS. A Hawaiian shirt.
8-31: Typical children use THESE 730 times by their 10th birthday. Crayons
8-28: Women get a new one of THESE 12 times during their lifetime. Job.
8-27: 7 of 10 men believe they are better at THIS than women.Driving and navigating.
8-26:Asked what is the #1 rule in their household, most families cite THIS. Feet off the furniture