7-28:  Female drivers are about 80% more likely to do THIS than male drivers.
7-27: The price of THESE normally changes around 70 times before selling out. Airline Tickets
7-24: A quarter of all parents never make their kids do THIS. Wear Sunscreen
7-23:  It's estimated there are approximately a half-million tweets about THIS each day. The weather
7-22:They get a lot of media coverage, but THESE have actually happened 90% less often over the last 60 years. Shark attacks.
7-21: If money gets tight, over half of us say THIS would be the 1st thing we'd cut back on. Cable/TV
7-20: It's estimated that one of THESE gets broken every 14 seconds. Sunglasses
7-17: 12% of people who are unhappy with their homes say it's because of THIS. Neighbors
7-16: Doing THIS while thinking can make you 60% more creative when trying to solve a problem or work on a project. Walking
7-15:  Doing THIS for 12 straight hours would burn 1 entire pound of body fat. Playing Ping Pong
7-14: In a survey of office managers, what was their number one complaint?  1. Too Cold, 2. Too Hot, 3. Poor janitorial Service
7-13:  Over 80% of THESE will finish on time today. Airline flights
7-10: A poll of women on dating finds most think a candlelight dinner is the most romantic date, followed by THIS. A picnic.
7-9:While on vacation, THIS is the biggest complaint from travelers staying in hotels.  Noisy neighbors.
7-8:  The average adult does THIS 31 times a year.   Removes a grey hair.
7-7: 1 out of 3 of us have not done THIS in the last 5 years. Worn a bathing suit.
7-6: You might think it's OK to do THIS at work, but 80% of your co-workers are likely to say no way. Clip fingernails.
7-2: We all did THIS as kids, but 1-in-5 of us has also done it as an adult. Climb a Tree.
7-1: Over half of us say we miss THIS when we go on vacation. Their co-workers.
6-30:  1-in-5 women say they are totally embarrassed to expose THIS during the Summer. Their Feet
6-29: People were asked, "What do you wish had never been invented?"; THIS was the #1 answer.
6-26: Half of moms say they love THIS, but it stresses them out. Social Media
6-25:  40% of us say that THIS was our last big purchase. A new mattress
6-24: A new survey finds that THIS bedroom decision is always made by a woman. Which side of the bed to sleep on.
6-23: If you're average you'll do THIS 4 times today, and un-do it 4 times as well. Start and stop your car
6-22: If you're average you'll have just over 70,000 of THESE in your lifetime. Cups of coffee.
6-19: A recent poll has found that 1-in-5 of us have not done THIS for at least 10 years. Changed a password.
6-18: When we do THIS, it lasts an average of 4 days. Go on a diet.
6-17: When trying to do THIS, about a third of people give up after a week. Find something that's lost.
6-16: More than half of married women do not trust their husbands to do THIS. Work on their car
6-15:  The average person does THIS only twice in a lifetime. Breaks a mirror.
6-12: According to a recent poll asking about the little pleasures that make life worth living, THIS ranks #1. Sleeping on clean sheets
6-11: Some do THIS every weekend, but the average person does it only once a year. Eat Waffles
6-10:  According to NASA, a perfect one of THESE lasts 26 minutes. A Nap
6-9: More workers do THIS in the first 2 hours of the workday than any other part of the day. Actual work.
6-8: The average age for someone to buy their first one of THESE is 41. A motorcycle