1-18: 11% of people say they are really looking forward to doing THIS over the weekend. What?
1-17: 72% of us have one of THESE tucked away in storage. What is it? A high school yearbook
1-16: About 60% of people in their 40s owned THESE when they were younger. What? Roller Skates
1-15: A study found that THIS is the most dangerous food to eat while driving. What? Potato Chips
1-14: 15% of women are more likely to message man on a dating site if he includes THIS in his profile. What? A Picture of his dog
1-11:  The average person does THIS four times per week. What is it? Quotes a line from a movie
1-10: 50% of women think men who do THIS are arrogant? What is it?  Drive a Fancy sports car
1-9: 33% of people have done THIS before taking a Selfie. What is it? Floss their teeth
1-8: One study said that THESE have 40 times as many germs as a public toilet seat. What are they? Elevator Buttons
1-7: 57% of singles experience this before a first date. What is it? Sweaty Palms
1-4:  According to a survey, it takes an average of 12 minutes 30 seconds to do THIS.  What? Decide what to watch on Netflix
1-3:53% of married women can't get their husbands to do THIS. What is it? Watch a Chick flick
1-2: 28% of workers have resolved to do less of THIS at work this year. What is it? Eat junk food