7-28:  If you ate a whole one of THESE, you would have consumed 80,000 calories.
7-27: 4-out-5 people polled believe THIS profession is the most honest. Nursing
7-26: 1-in-5 homeowners has one of THESE that doesn't work and has no intention of fixing it. A Door Bell
7-25: Women do THIS more than men during their daily commute. Drive on 'Empty'.
7-22: Moms are more likely than Dads to do THIS. Have a favorite child
7-21: There are 177,147 ways to do THIS. Tie a tie
7-20:According to a recent survey, the average parent has 15 of THESE per day. Minutes of free time
7-19: According to a recent survey, the average person does THIS about 6 times a month. Goes to a fast-food restaurant.
7-18: 60% of brides say they dread THIS the most about their wedding. The Best Mans Speech
7-15:According to a recent survey, the average person gets 4 of THESE a year.
Answer: Birthday gifts.
7-14: More than half of adults say THIS is not appropriate to do until after a 3rd date. Talk politics.
7-13: When it comes to losing things, men are 3 times more likely to lose THIS than women: their hearing
7-12: The average adult does this 41 times a day. Sends a text message
7-11: The average family buys a new one of THESE every 50 days. Jars of mustard
7-8:  6% of people have broken up with someone over THIS.Something seen on Facebook.
7-7: The average household has 6 of THESE. Refrigerator magnets.
7-6:The average person does THIS for 36 minutes a day. Relaxes
7-5: The average person gets 17 of THESE each year. Bug Bites
7-1: About $50 million disappears each year because we do THIS. Leave change in vending machines.
6-30: 7-out-of-10 of us have resorted to using THIS to brush our teeth. A Finger
6-29: Hard to believe but more than half of people polled actually enjoy THIS.Going to the airport the whole experience.
6-28: If you're married there's a 76% chance you're doing THIS less than you're supposed to be. Exercising
6-27: You are most likely to stop doing THIS when you turn 31. They quit celebrating birthdays
6-24: When it comes to online dating profiles, the thing men are most likely to lie about is their job; but for women it's THIS. Their Weight
6-23: THIS is where you'll spend more than 1,200 hours this year if you are average. Online
6-22:THIS happens to the average woman about 6 times a month. She has a bad hair day
6-21:Experts say we should do THIS every day, but only 30% of us actually do. Compliment ourselves
6-20: The secret to a happy relationship is to do THIS at least 6 times a week; 10-to-12 would be even better. Say Thank you
6-17: Having THIS increases your chances of landing a job by 10%. White Teeth
6-16: On average we do THIS every 18 months. Get a new cell phone