11-27:  Almost a third of teenagers have done THIS without their parents' knowledge.
11-25: According to a poll, THIS is the biggest holiday shopping pet peeve. other people
11-24: If you're average, you and your family will use 250 of THESE today. Gallons of Water
11-23:  If you ask her to marry you and she says "no", a poll suggest THIS is the most likely reason.  The location was unromantic.
11-20: Teenagers 16-to-19 have almost a quarter of THESE. Traffic Accidents
11-19: You are average if you do THIS 6 times a day.  Talk to yourself.
11-18: It's estimated that Millennials do THIS 6 times per day on average. Take a selfie
11-17: Two-thirds of surveyed women say it's better to get THIS from another woman. A Compliment
11-16: According to a survey, THIS is the first thing most of us think about when waking up in the morning.Sleep.
11-13: There is no way for THIS to last longer than 7 minutes, 48 seconds. A solar eclipse, due to the speed at which Earth moves around the Sun.
11-12: More than 1-in-10 of us have been instructed to stop doing THIS at work. Shopping online.
11-11: About 1-in-7 dogs have chewed on THESE and ruined them. Glasses
11-10: In an insurance poll, THIS is the most embarrassing thing most drivers admit doing. Forgetting where they parked.
11-09: More than half of women surveyed say they'll kiss a man on the first date if he has THIS going for him. He smells good.
11-6: Women spend about 63 hours of their lives doing THIS. Shaving their legs.
11-5: 8% of surveyed men admit to doing THIS with their underwear. Iron it.
11-4: THIS is the #1 thing couples fight about in restaurants. Stealing each other's fries.
11-3: About a quarter of us have done THIS in the kitchen and it makes a huge mess. Leave a can of pop in the freezer
11-2: Almost a third of us admit that we are embarrassed by THIS. The cleanliness of the inside of our cars.
10-30: Fewer than 1-in-3 adults can do THIS without looking like an idiot. Use a yo-yo.
10-29:  In a new Halloween poll, THIS is ranked the #1 most popular treat to receive. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
10-28: Doing THIS improves men's health but does not have any effect on women's health. Getting Married
10-27: According to a poll, THIS is the personality trait women find most attractive. Humility
10-26: 71% of women polled say that Monday is the worst day of the week to do THIS. Grocery Shopping
10-23: Men do THIS 6 times-a-year on average, while women do it 30-to-64 times. Cry
10-22:We're far more likely to buy THIS kitchen item as a gift than for ourselves. Blender
10-21:  Experts say having to deal with THIS at work is as bad for your health as secondhand smoke. Stress
10-20: Virtually everybody does THIS from time-to-time, but if you do it midday it can increase your energy by up to 30%. Brush your teeth
10-19: Most of us use THIS more than 2,000 times before replacing it. A Favorite Coffee Cup
10-16: If you have one of THESE, odds are better than 20% that it's more than 5-years-old.  Facebook profile picture.
10-15:  Over half of men polled say they are absolutely certain they have a great WHAT? Butt
10-14: When women were asked, "What does your husband do that you really can't stand?", THIS was the #1 answer. Tickle
10-13: A young woman will do THIS an average of 164 times as a teenager. Slam a Door
10-12: What did the boys from the deli at Fareway add to the meat and cheese tray Les ordered for Hawkeye Football Tailgating? Choc Chip Cookies
10-9: It has been estimated that men burn about 1,200 calories doing THIS. Watching a Football Game
10-8: There are 3.04 trillion of THESE on Earth. Trees
10-7: According to a survey, THIS is the first food most people learn how to cook. Mac and Cheese
10-6: A typical woman spends 40 minutes more per day doing THIS than an average man. Working
10-5: Employees are 20% happier at work on days that include THIS. Free Food