5-24:20% of women say they plan on losing weight because of this. What?
5-23: You You can say this about 10% of pets. What?  They have their own social media profile
5-22: When people were asked to name a food they love but not in the morning, the #1 answer was fish. What was #2?  Spaghetti
5-21: 1/3 of teenagers have ignored their parents when it comes to this ... accepting their friend request on social media
5-18: 8 in 10 women will do THIS to the man in their life today...what? Leave him a honey do list
5-17: About 15% of women say they get jealous about this. What? Another women's weight loss success
5-16: 30% of us say our significant other will not do this. What? Apologize for anything
5-15: 10% of men have worn this to a business meeting. Lucky Underwear
5-14: 15% of men say that they can do this better than women. What? Iron
5-11: 22% of men say they THIS  when they are sad. What? Call their mom
5-10: The average woman says she has 11 of these she does not want. What? Pounds
5-9: When asked why do you dislike certain neighbors, nearly 10% of respondents said this. What? Too much fighting
5-8: 2/3 of women report that they did this within a week of their marriage proposal. What? Got a manicure
5-7: For women it's 22. For men, it's 25. What is it? The number of people they kissed before they found "the one"
5-4: 58% of women say a man who has these is sexy ... Love Handles
5-3: Women are 4 times more likely to complain about this. What are they complaining about? Their job
5-2: 70% of people in the world have never experienced THIS in their lifetime ..Snow!
5-1: 25% of never have this ... cash on hand
4-30: 5% of people say they cannot do this seemingly simple thing ... Snap their fingers
4-27: The average adult makes this purchase every 2 1/2 years. What are they buying? Tires
4-26: According to kids, this is one thing that dad is better at than mom. What? Teaching them how to drive
4-25: Over 60% of couples say they have argued about THIS in the kitchen. What?? To rinse or not to rinse dishes going in dishwasher
4-24: The average person has 24.5 of these in a lifetime. What? Pets
4-23: About a quarter of us have purchased this while on vacation? What? Underwear