7-16: On average, parents spend about $800 a year on THIS. What?
7-13: When it's sunny, we are 50% more likely to do THIS? Sing
7-12: One in five men have never worn THIS? A tuxedo.
7-11: 1/3 of kids who get an allowance have THIS chore? Pick up dog poop.
7-10: 1/4 of women think a man with THIS is unattractive? Too much muscle.
7-9: THIS is the biggest complaint of hotel guests? Noisy neighbors.
7-6: Over 1/3 of wedding DJs say they have seen THIS at a wedding reception. What? A fist fight.
7-5: THIS food is consumed outside the home 90% of the time. What? French Fries.
7-3: 30% of women say they learned a lot about their partner the first time they did this with him. What? Going to the grocery store.
7-2 According to a new study, teenagers spend 6% of their money on what? Concert Tickets.
6-29: 53% of people will buy this for their long weekend celebration. What is it?  Insect Repellent.
6-28: 85% of Americans now participate in THIS. What is it? Social Media.
6-27: Over half of women say this is their man's worse habit? Changing the channels too frequently.
6-26: 40% of teenage girls have been embarrassed by their dad doing What? Taking of his shirt.
6-25: 20% of us say we miss this when we go on vacation. What? Our Co-workers.
6-22: On average, you'll spend 284 full days of your life doing THIS. Daydreaming about vacations.
6-21: 1/3 of us say this is rude to do THIS on text?  One word answers.
6-20: 76% of us do this and get embarrassed if we are caught. What? Singing in the car.
6-19: 40% of us want to do this while on vacation. What? Swim with Dolphins.
6-18: 1/4 of singles say a person without this is a turn on? A social media account.
6-15: What phrase do employees say irks them the most at meetings? Think outside the box.
6-14: Over 40% of us admit we'd be afraid to find this out. What?   The ingredients in hot dogs.