8-20: Compared to their mothers, women today have much bigger WHAT?
8-19:  In a recent Yahoo! survey, the majority say they feel most guilty when they do THIS.
Answer: Waste food.
8-18: Our grandparents barely had any, but nowadays 70% of us say we have about 40 of THESE. Electrical outlets in the house.
8-15Employees experience less stress and customers report a happier experience with companies and businesses that have THIS. Pets on the premises.
8-14:  According to the latest research, people who do THIS at least once a month have less stress in their lives. Go to the Movies
8-13: Women who do THIS are less likely to gain weight than women who don't. Drink wine.
8-12: Most pre-schoolers can use a computer, but only 10% can do THIS.Tie up their shoelaces.
8-11: Over the past decade, the number of people getting help for THIS has increased by 60%. Snoring.
8-8:There are more of THESE in Japan than anywhere else. 7-Eleven convenience stores.
8-7: During a 1-week vacation, the average person does THIS about 10 times. Posts something on Facebook.
8-6:  According to experts, doing THIS can improve your mood. Making the password to your email or phone something positive.
8-5:  Studies show doing THIS more than 7 times can ruin a family outing. Taking a picture.
8-4: THIS is true of 6% of all websites.  They use Russian as their primary language.
8-1: 250,000 men each year are injured  by THIS. Their wives
7-31: The first of THESE was 9-inches-long and weighed  2 pounds. Cell Phone
7-30: July is the most popular month for THESE. Reunions
7-29: The average woman takes nearly a week to make THIS decision. Whether or not to break up with a guy.
7-28:  According to a recent study, doctors get THIS wrong over 90% of the time.The expected due date of a baby.
7-25: Be careful how low you set your air conditioner! The colder your bedroom, the more likely you are to have THIS. Bad Dreams
7-24: Before the age of 1 THIS happens to babies about twice a day, every day.They have their picture taken.
7-23:  If you're an adult, odds are 50/50 that you have one of THESE in your bedroom. A night light
7-22:Your hearing is less sharp after doing THIS. Eating
7-21: There are 3 of THESE for every human on Earth. Chickens
7-18:In a new poll most guys admit they've done THIS after being a bit careless, and it happens about 4 times a year. Cut themselves shaving.
7-17: THIS works almost all of the time on TV, but in real life only about 10% of the time. CPR
7-16:  You'll probably lose 2 of THESE over your lifetime. Inches
7-15: On average, you eat 46% more of THIS if it's in a jar. Candy
7-14: Sales of THIS appliance have been falling for over a decade. Microwaves
7-11:  THIS was the #1 answer when teens were asked what they most appreciate about their dad.
Answer: He drives them places.