12-19: The typical woman experiences THIS for the first time at age 33.
12-18: You might not think it, but doing THIS alleviates allergies and asthma. Growing facial hair
12-17:THIS happens more than 1,800 times a year in Las Vegas. A convention
12-16: Canada is the #1 country for THIS.  Most doughnut shops per capita.
12-15: A majority of us have at least one of THESE that we never use but we just can't bring ourselves to throw away. Cassette tape.
12-12: Chocolate manufacturers currently use one-third of the world's supply of THIS. Almonds
12-11: The average person will do THIS 3 times during this holiday season.Give a gift that the recipient doesn't really like.
12-10:  THIS is true for over half of all homeowners. They've started a home improvement project but never finished it.
12-9:  25,000 kids a year are injured while traveling in one of THESE. Shopping Cart
12-08:  The typical office worker does THIS every 2 hours on-the-job. Gets a cup of coffee
12-05: The typical woman has more of THESE at age 29 than at any other time in her life. Friends
12-04: The tallest one of THESE is 6 ft-4 ins (1.9 m). A cow.
12-03:Experts say you could save $2,500 a year just by doing THIS every day. Packing your lunch
12-02:  In a hygiene poll, half of women say they wish their partner did THIS more often. Brush their teeth
12-01: When you buy one of THESE, it's at least 10-years-old. A Christmas Tree
11-28:  People who still have one of THESE use it, on average, 1.9 times per week. a land line phone
11-26: THIS is considered to be the least destructible part of the human body.
11-25: In a poll on workplace behavior, people list THIS as the #1 most annoying thing done by nearby co-workers. Use the Speaker Phone
11-24:  It may be surprising but, if you're average, you'll eat 28 of THESE in your lifetime. Pigs
11-21: Walmart's top seller on 'Black Friday' last year was towels; but on all other days of the year THIS was the retail chain's top-selling item. Bannanas
11-20: A new study shows that the more of THESE a woman has at home, the more productive she is at work. KIDS
11-19:  The average person will spend a total of 7 days this year doing THIS. Shopping
11-18:  In a recent poll, most people say photos are the #1 thing they hang onto as a keepsake from an old relationship, followed by THIS. Ticket Stubs
11-17: A recent study has found that ketchup bottles are the 2nd-'germiest' things we commonly encounter in restaurants; THESE are #1. The menu
11-14: Water Cooler: Almost everyone has one of THESE: the average woman has had hers for 13 years.  A favorite article of clothing.
11-13: Water Cooler: We spend about an hour and half per week doing THIS, more than twice as long as a decade ago. Grocery Shopping
11-12:Every year about 85,000 people end up in an Emergency Room after tripping over THIS. The Pet
11-11: Households with kids eat THIS for dinner twice a month or more. Breakfast
11-10: 20% of women surveyed didn't know that THIS product has an expiration date. Make Up