5-26: 75% of us wants to improve THIS about our significant Other. What?
5-25: More dog owners name their pets after this food than any other food..what? Oreo
5-24: You will find about 158 of these in an average home. What? Books
5-23: 56% of college students would turn down a job offer if a company didn't offer THIS:time during the work day for social media
5-22: Just over 70% of married men say they never let their wife near THIS. The grill
5-19: 60% of us judge other by this. What is it? Their cell phones
5-18: Women say that having this happen to them would totally ruin their day: Tight Pants
5-17:  60% of adults in a new survey say they owned one of THESE as a child. What was it? A jump Rope
5-16:  50% of women, and 60% of men talk to their boss about this. What? Their love life
5-15: On average, we eat 36% more calories than on a normal day, if we spend part of it at THIS place. Where is it? The movies
5-12: On average, people stop doing THIS at age 33. What is it? Having birthday parties
5-11: 1/3 of us think THIS is the most annoying sound in the workplace. What is it? Sniffling
5-10: Approximately one third of all women will clean this today. What? Their bellybutton
5-9: Phone chargers are the #1 thing left behind in hotel rooms followed by THIS: Underwear
5-8: When asked What talent do you wish you had? 15% of respondents said dancing!
5-5: 11% of new parents say they've been known to fall asleep here ... Where?  The shower
5-4: 60%  of newly weds had one of these at their wedding but only half their spouses knew about it ...
5-3:  17% of us would do this if we could go back in time ... learn to play a musical instrument
5-2: THIS happens 3 million times a minute. What is it?Someone likes something on facebook
5-1: According to a survey of people who are getting a tax refund this year, 41% say they'll do this with their refund. Save it.
4-28: THIS was originally invented in 1924 as a way to remove makeup. Kleenex
4-27: 3% of people in a new survey say they would be willing to do THIS to avoid doing their taxes. What is it? Spend a Night in Jail
4-26: 51% of vehicle owners say they have THIS option but admit they never use it. Sunroof
4-25: 28% of guys ruin a first date by doing this. What is it? not opening the car door for their date
4-24:A recent survey found that 70% of people admit to doing THIS after they finish eating. What is it? Licking their fingers clean
4-21: 33% of people do THIS before they take a picture. What is it? Floss
4-20: 38% of people say they do this everyday at work. What is it? Dress Casually
4-19: According to a survey, the average person replaces THIS every 10 years. What is it? Their vacuum cleaner
4-18: 16% of people of say they have been known to do THIS when they go through the drive-thru. What is it? Ask for a doggy treat
4-17: Every single day, 1 in 5 of us will forget THIS. What is it? What day it is.
4-13: 6% of parents say they've done THIS during an Easter Egg hunt. What is it? Sprained an Ankle
4-12: Research shows that 40% of us are guilty of this bad eating habit. What is it? Salting our food before we taste it
4-11:  21% of us do this only because we think it makes us look smarter. What? Display books in our homes
4-10: Almost half of men say doing THIS makes them sleepy. What is it? Getting a haircut