1-27: Studies show doing THIS will make people trust you ...
1-26: There are 96 of THESE on the Moon. Bags of Human Waste
1-23:The average person will touch fewer than 100 of THESE in a lifetime. 100 Dollar Bills
1-22:Couple do THIS a total of 4 hours during the month of January, more than any other month. Argue
1-21:The average cost of one of THESE is $3,950, a 21% increase from last year. A Super Bowl Ticket
1-20: THIS is said to be the key to getting a second date with someone. Ordering dessert with them.
1-19:  Perhaps surprisingly, Florida has more of THESE than McDonald's locations. Tanning Salons
1-16: 55% of people who own one of THESE say it relaxes them after a hard day at work. A Dog
1-15: New research shows that couples do THIS more in January than any other month. Argue
1-14: THIS nightly household activity has dropped by 80% since 1960. reading bedtime stories
1-13: While THIS is a popular food item here, Sweden consumes more per capita than any other country. Ketchup
1-12: THIS was the #1 answer in a recent poll asking people, "What's the most stressful thing you've ever experienced?" Buying a Home
1-9: More than half of parents polled say THIS is harder to do with baby boys than girls. Naming them
1-8: The average person does THIS about 6 times a week. Quotes a Movie
1-7: People who do THIS regularly weigh 7 lbs less on average and have a lower BMI than people who don't. Use public transportation
1-6: It's estimated the average employee spends about 45% of the workday doing THIS. Working
1-5: THIS is the most common mammal in North America. Mouse
12-31: 84% of people who have tried to do this have failed ... become a vegetarian
12-30: 50% of men   have gotten themselves into trouble on a date doing this. What? Called a woman by the wrong name
12-29: A Majority of us have a collection of these that we never use but won't throw away. What? Cassettes
12-26:This happened 150,000 times on Christmas morning. What is it? Proposals
12-24: THIS is our #1 favorite thing about the holiday season, according to a new poll. The music
12-23: Over the past 3 years, there's been a 20% increase in the number of adults playing THIS game competitively. Dodgeball
12-22:  THIS is what causes about half of us to lose up to 90 minutes of sleep per night.
Answer: Pets in bed with us.
12-19: The typical woman experiences THIS for the first time at age 33. Grey Hair
12-18: You might not think it, but doing THIS alleviates allergies and asthma. Growing facial hair
12-17:THIS happens more than 1,800 times a year in Las Vegas. A convention
12-16: Canada is the #1 country for THIS.  Most doughnut shops per capita.
12-15: A majority of us have at least one of THESE that we never use but we just can't bring ourselves to throw away. Cassette tape.
12-12: Chocolate manufacturers currently use one-third of the world's supply of THIS. Almonds
12-11: The average person will do THIS 3 times during this holiday season.Give a gift that the recipient doesn't really like.
12-10:  THIS is true for over half of all homeowners. They've started a home improvement project but never finished it.