8-26: 1-in-5 husbands say they'd rather have their wives do THIS at night rather than them.
8-25:  1-in-10 of us would rather lose THIS than our cellphone. Vacation Days
8-24:More than half of us have tried to do this while on vacation and failed.Disconnect from social media.
8-23:The majority of people think you shouldn't do THIS after the age of 38: get a tattoo
8-22: Just the smell of THIS makes people act nicer toward one another, according to recent research. Coffee
8-19: According to a new poll, 40% of moms do THIS to make things go smoother in the morning when they drive their kids to school. Wear their PJs
8-18:About three-quarters of us get annoyed if we have to wait more than 1 minute for THIS. Elevator
8-17:More than 1-in-3 people say they'd rather clean the bathroom than do THIS. Make up a new password.
8-16: 80% of married people do THIS when there spouse is away for the night?  Sleep on their partner's side of the bed.
8-15:To make just one of THESE, it takes 39,000 gallons (148,000 liters/5,200 cubic ft) of water on average. A new car.
8-12: Almost half of us have injured ourselves by doing THIS at home. Smashing a finger with a hammer.
8-11: 1-in-4 of us call THIS person at least once a week.Our self to find our phone.
8-10:  The average adult lives 15 miles away from THIS. Their mom
8-9: 50 years ago men did THIS almost exclusively; nowadays women do it 3 times more than men. Take photos
8-8:65% of women have made their partner do THIS before going out. Change their shoes
8-5: Almost half of homeowners have 2 of THESE on their deck or patio right now. Grills
8-4:Odds are once you hit 50, you will never, ever do THIS again. Eat a Pop Tart
8-3: There's a 1-in-3 chance you'll do THIS on your next vacation. Forget something
8-2: Everyone says you should never do THIS, but the average person does 50 times per year anyway. Eat Breakfast
8-1:Almost half of women surveyed say they find it 'very attractive' when a potential love interest knows how to do THIS. Iron Clothes.
7-29:: A new survey says THESE are the germiest things in a restaurant. Ketchup bottles.
7-28:  If you ate a whole one of THESE, you would have consumed 80,000 calories. A human being
7-27: 4-out-5 people polled believe THIS profession is the most honest. Nursing
7-26: 1-in-5 homeowners has one of THESE that doesn't work and has no intention of fixing it. A Door Bell
7-25: Women do THIS more than men during their daily commute. Drive on 'Empty'.
7-22: Moms are more likely than Dads to do THIS. Have a favorite child
7-21: There are 177,147 ways to do THIS. Tie a tie
7-20:According to a recent survey, the average parent has 15 of THESE per day. Minutes of free time
7-19: According to a recent survey, the average person does THIS about 6 times a month. Goes to a fast-food restaurant.
7-18: 60% of brides say they dread THIS the most about their wedding. The Best Mans Speech