3-30: The first person called after a breakup - man or woman - is a close female friend, followed by THIS person.
3-27: What is the lie that kids are most likely to tell? They brushed their teeth.
3-26:   Although THIS annual activity likely dates back thousands of years, the 1st recorded mention of it wasn't until 1857. Spring Cleaning
3-25:Every hour we use another 2.5 million of THESE. Plastic Bottles
3-24:You will find 158 of THESE in the average home. Books
3-23:Women tend to do THIS in the evening, while men are more likely to do it during the day. Think about money
3-20: About 1 in 5 people honestly think they might be one of THESE. A Genius
3-19: 1 in 5 drivers on the road are doing this right now. Eating.
3-18: These are the "3 little words" women like to hear most. You've lost weight.
3-17: 37% of people will not buy a house if it has this. The number 13 in the address.
3-16:  Perhaps surprisingly, THIS contains vitamin B12. Rain.
3-13:  A new survey found that 35% of men and 25% of women like to do this totally nude: Nap
3-12:  A new survey finds that the average adult can handle this annoying thing for about 2 minutes: being on hold
3-11: The average woman will own this for five years ... Underwear
3-10: On average we will eat 11 of these in our lifetime...Cows
3-9: Only 21% of women say they do this daily: shower
3-6: Americans were asked to describe themselves in one world only. 80% of people described themselves at THIS. What is it? Shy or Bashful
3-5:  51% of owners of vehicles with this option admit they never use it ...The sunroof
3-4: 91% of women are willing to do this one a first date ...Pay
3-3: The average man spends almost a year of his life doing this. What is it? Staring at Women
3-2: 10% of single guys lie about this more than anything else on their dating profiles. Playing the guitar