9:26: Employment experts say you should avoid doing THIS while in a job interview.
9-14: Studies show the average person forgets this once per day: what day it is.
9-13: 94% of Men are afraid of this. Losing their hair
9-12: 62% of women dislike it when a man wear's this:
9-9: 20% of us still have THIS in our homes. water beds
9-8:A new poll finds that fully half of us keep THIS hidden in our homes. Love letters from an ex.
9-7:Hard to believe, but the average person eats 2,000 of THESE a month.
Answer: French fries.
9-6: The average school age kid does THIS 6 times a year. Gets a cold
9-2: 1 in 4 of us have been late for work because of THIS:Forgetting their phone
9-1: Most people do THIS 3 times a week, especially on weekends: Eat at a restaurant
8-31:  Women are more than 50% more likely to do THIS than men. Sing in the Shower
8-30:Half of us almost always do THIS in the living room: sit in a favorite spot
8-29:What 2 professions are nearly 100% filled by women? Kindergarten Teachers and Dental Hygienist
8-26: 1-in-5 husbands say they'd rather have their wives do THIS at night rather than them. Check a strange noise
8-25:  1-in-10 of us would rather lose THIS than our cellphone. Vacation Days
8-24:More than half of us have tried to do this while on vacation and failed.Disconnect from social media.
8-23:The majority of people think you shouldn't do THIS after the age of 38: get a tattoo
8-22: Just the smell of THIS makes people act nicer toward one another, according to recent research. Coffee