3-16: There are 39.5 million of these in America ...but there will be many more tomorrow. What?
3-15: 2/3 of women would rather get this than a wedding proposal. What? a promotion
3-14: About 20,000 people per year injure themselves falling off one of these. What? a treadmill
3-13: One third of women say they would love to change this about their man. What is it? Their table manners
3-12: Scientists say this have 40 times more germs than a public restroom. What? Elevator Buttons
3-9: Last year, this happened at 7% of weddings. What? A pet was involved in some way
3-8: 75% of women admit to hiding snacks from their kids and spouse. The  two most common places for them to eat the snacks were in the car and HERE. Where? Bedroom
3-7:38% of teenagers have ignored their parents when asked to do this. What is it? Accept a facebook friend request
3-6: A poll of adults says that 20% of us eat this every day? Cereal
3-5: Doing THIS for 15 minutes burns as many calories as 1 hour of moderate exercise. Shivering.
3-2: 23% of women have asked a guy out on a date, because of this particular reason, what is it? He smelled good.
3-1: According to a survey, people have an average of 50 days every year. 25% say THIS caused them to have a bad day. What is it? A bad hair day
2-28: Just under 20% of adults say THIS is the last thing they do before getting into bed. What is it? Check the front door
2-27: According to a survey, 36% of people think their workplace never gets THIS right. What is it? The temperature
2-26: There are 41 of these in the average household. What are they? Light Bulbs
2-23: According to a survey, 22% of us can do this all by ourselves. What is it?  Eat an entire pizza
2-22: According to a study, almost all people over 100 years old do THIS. Have a good breakfast
2-21: According to a new survey, the average person has about 50 of these per year. What? Bad Days
2-20: 3/4 of homes that have one these don't use it. What is it? A pool table
2-19: According to a survey, men do THIS once every 18 days. What is it? Change their bathroom towel
2-16:30% of us hate doing this on a dinner date. What?
2-15: About 40% of people say they always go to the same place for this. What? Haircuts
2-14: One in five women will do THIS for Valentine's Day. Buy themselves a gift
2-13: 97% of women do this….less than a third of men do. What is it? Close their eyes when they kiss
2-12: 11% of us have postponed a break up due to this... What? A planned trip
2-9: 44% of women say they want to receive this on Valentine's Day. What is it? A handwritten love note