7-30: July is the most popular month for THESE.
7-29: The average woman takes nearly a week to make THIS decision. Whether or not to break up with a guy.
7-28:  According to a recent study, doctors get THIS wrong over 90% of the time.The expected due date of a baby.
7-25: Be careful how low you set your air conditioner! The colder your bedroom, the more likely you are to have THIS. Bad Dreams
7-24: Before the age of 1 THIS happens to babies about twice a day, every day.They have their picture taken.
7-23:  If you're an adult, odds are 50/50 that you have one of THESE in your bedroom. A night light
7-22:Your hearing is less sharp after doing THIS. Eating
7-21: There are 3 of THESE for every human on Earth. Chickens
7-18:In a new poll most guys admit they've done THIS after being a bit careless, and it happens about 4 times a year. Cut themselves shaving.
7-17: THIS works almost all of the time on TV, but in real life only about 10% of the time. CPR
7-16:  You'll probably lose 2 of THESE over your lifetime. Inches
7-15: On average, you eat 46% more of THIS if it's in a jar. Candy
7-14: Sales of THIS appliance have been falling for over a decade. Microwaves
7-11:  THIS was the #1 answer when teens were asked what they most appreciate about their dad.
Answer: He drives them places.
7-10: THIS costs about 8 per square inch on average.A pizza.
7-9:  According to a recent poll, THIS is the top guilty pleasure for both men and women. Eating Ice Cream
7-8: New parents spend an average of 45 hours doing THIS. Choosing their baby's name.
7-7: Researchers have found that people think food tastes better if it is THIS.
7-3:More than a third of husbands say their wives do a much better job of THIS.Negotiating deals.
7-2: According to experts, our ability to do THIS peaks at age 7. See ghosts.
7-1:Almost half of married couples surveyed say that, if they could, they would change THIS about their wedding. The song for the first dance.
6-30: There are only 5 of THESE left on Earth. People born in the 1800's
6-27: The average teenage boy owns 3 of THESE. Sports jerseys
6-26: According to a recent study, you're least likely to do THIS between 8 am and 11 am. Lie
6-25:  The average man does this at 44; the average woman at 38. Gain weight
6-24: Once purchased, almost 20% of these are never used. Postage Stamps
6-23:  If you do THIS, you'll do it for 4 days on average. Stay on a diet
6-20:THIS is the worst thing First Class airline passengers have been spotted doing, according to a survey of flight attendants. Clipping their toenails
6-19: 2012 was the first year more women than men purchased one of THESE. Tattoos
6-18:More than a quarter of women admit to doing THIS while at the beach.Wearing makeup.
6-17: According to a survey about driving, the thing other drivers do that annoys us most is 'texting', followed by THIS. tailgating
6-16: It's estimated that people now do THIS in their cars 12% more than 5 years ago.Honk the horn.