3-28: By age 45, 80% of women have done THIS.
3-27: This is something that most Millennials do at east once a week. Snack instead of eating a full meal.
3-23:Half of us have one of these and 2/3 of those who have them hate them.A Nickname
3-22: Of all the fears people have, a fear of snakes is the most common followed by THIS. Public Speaking
3-21: Women spend 40 minutes a week worrying about THIS. Their Complexion
3-20: Stats show you're likely to make over $2,000 per year extra if you have THIS trait. Left Handed
3-17:  1-in-5 men admit they've lied to their significant other about THIS.
Answer: How they spent the tax refund.
3-16:You are more likely to do THIS in your 50s than your 20s.
Answer: Sleep naked.
3-15:In a poll about income tax, THIS is the #1 thing respondents wish they could write off.Starbucks coffee.
3-14: 150 people worldwide are injured on vacation each year by THIS.  Falling Coconuts
3-13: By tradition, women do THIS sitting down, men do it standing up? Shaking Hands
3-10: The average woman begins to regret THIS after 70 minutes? Wearing high heels.
3-9: It has been 9 years since the average person has done this? Ride a bike.
3-8: 14% of Americans can't do this? Identify the U.S.A. on a map.
3-7:1-in-5 married men refer to their wives by THIS name when talking to other men? The Boss.
3-6: More than half of people say THIS is their favorite activity? Eating.
3-3: Linguistic experts say THIS is the hardest word in the English language to pronounce? Worcestershire [WOOS-tur-shur], as in sauce.
3-2: According to research, moms say THIS 122 times per year on average? Clean your room.
3-1: The average woman owns 3 of THESE by the time she turns 35? Bridesmaids Dresses.
2-28: More than 40% of guys admit they are scared of THIS? Balding.
2-27: The most unusual thing people say they put ketchup on is fried chicken, followed by THIS? Scrambled Eggs.
2-24:  Instead of police dogs, cops in China prefer to use THIS animal? Geese.
2-23: According to a new survey, more than 1-in-3 people do THIS while they're dreaming? Text.
2-22: The average person does THIS 7,600 times in a lifetime? Take a shower.
2-21: 1-in-5 of us are able to do THIS every day? Wake up without an alarm clock.
2-20: 42% of people have really wanted to do THIS, but didn't go through with it?
Throw something at the TV.
2-17: The #1 complaint from house guests is being left alone in the home, followed by THIS? Not enough toilet paper.
2-16: More than half of women say doing THIS makes a guy better looking?  Holding a musical instrument.
2-15: Almost a third of women say they dislike THIS about one of their friends? Their engagement rings.
2-14: Men like doing THIS before breakfast; but women like it best after dinner? Exchanging Valentine's Gifts.
2-13: The average person has 8 of THESE that they got for free? Coffee Cups.