1-19:4-out-of-5 of us think we're good at THIS, but we're really not.
1-18:The average person forgets to do THIS 5 times per month.Put on deodorant.
1-17: A poll of managers finds the worst office behavior is 'sloppy work', followed by THIS. Gossiping
1-16: The Irish have been known to eat THIS to fight the common cold.Seaweed
1-13: 1-in-5 employers have checked out employees' honesty by doing THIS. Driving by their homes to see if they're really sick.
1-12: A woman might request THIS gift on one day but be upset if it's received on another. Kitchen Gadgets
1-11: In a survey of hiring managers, about 1-in-3 say they think THIS is a red flag when interviewing prospective employees. Bad Breath
1-10: Stats show people do THIS half as often today as 40 years ago. Cook at home
1-9:80% of Millennials have never eaten THIS.
1-6: THIS can travel 293 feet in 1 second. NASCAR Race Car
1-5: On average, we eat THIS for lunch 50 times each year. Nothing
1-4: The average woman keeps THIS for 12 years.
Answer: The same hairstylist.
1-3:About 95% of us have one of THESE but ironically most of us never clean it.