11-21: Walmart's top seller on 'Black Friday' last year was towels; but on all other days of the year THIS was the retail chain's top-selling item.
11-20: A new study shows that the more of THESE a woman has at home, the more productive she is at work. KIDS
11-19:  The average person will spend a total of 7 days this year doing THIS. Shopping
11-18:  In a recent poll, most people say photos are the #1 thing they hang onto as a keepsake from an old relationship, followed by THIS. Ticket Stubs
11-17: A recent study has found that ketchup bottles are the 2nd-'germiest' things we commonly encounter in restaurants; THESE are #1. The menu
11-14: Water Cooler: Almost everyone has one of THESE: the average woman has had hers for 13 years.  A favorite article of clothing.
11-13: Water Cooler: We spend about an hour and half per week doing THIS, more than twice as long as a decade ago. Grocery Shopping
11-12:Every year about 85,000 people end up in an Emergency Room after tripping over THIS. The Pet
11-11: Households with kids eat THIS for dinner twice a month or more. Breakfast
11-10: 20% of women surveyed didn't know that THIS product has an expiration date. Make Up
11-7: The average teenager has 12 more of THESE than the average 50-year-old. Teeth
11-6:After you get married, there's about a 10% chance that THIS will happen. Your mother or mother-in-law will move in with you.
11-5:11 billion of THESE are sold each year, but a good many of them never get used. Ketchup Packets
11-4: THIS has been voted the #1 rude behavior when it comes to cellphone etiquette. Using the speaker-phone in public.
11-3: THIS is the most common word sent via text message between married people. OK
10-31: Other than needing a bigger house or getting a new job, THIS is the biggest reason people move. The neighbors
10-30: According to a recent poll, the average parent thinks 12 is the perfect age for THIS. Getting their own cell phone
10-29: The average woman owns 9 of THESE. Shoes she doesn't wear
10-28: A third of people say THIS is the one thing they would rather not do while at the gym. Sweat
10-27: About 60% of the time, when we get one of THESE we don't finish it. A Book
10-24: In a recent poll on Foods We Can't Stand, 'olives' ranked #2; and THIS was #1. Anchovies
10-23: When women were asked why they don't sleep on planes, the #1 answer was THIS. They're afraid they'll drool.
10-22: 1-in-11 people claim they actually don't have one of THESE. A Friend
10-21: The majority of people have a favorite one of THESE. Coffee Cup
10-20:Women now do THIS 3 times as much as men. 50 years ago it was the opposite.  Take photos.
10-17: The average adult consumes about 22 gallons of this per year. Folks in Montana use the most, almost double the amount. What is it? Beer
10-16:According to Readers Digest 40% of couples have argued over how to use this appliance. What is it? Dishwasher
10-15: New research reveals if you want to get ahead in the work place you should do THIS! What is it? Dress Like your boss
10-14: A new study finds that a slow computer is the most annoying thing at work. What was number 2? Someone eating your food
10-13: According to research conducted at the University of Wisconsin doing this can make you smarter. What is it? Talking to yourself
10-10: There's an 11% chance that after you get married, THIS will happen to you. What is it?  Your mother (or mother in law) will move in with you.
10-9: 68% of men have tried to score points with their partner by doing THIS. What is it? Washing their car
10-8:49% of women would describe their man with one word. What is it? Lazy
10-7: According to Mens Health Magazine about 45% of guys in a recent survey agree that women who do THIS look extra beautiful. Wearing Glasses
10-6: According to a recent survey, THIS is the one thing that men least like to talk about. What is it? Clothing