11-17: Half of singles admit to doing THIS prior to going on a date. What?
11-16: When first meeting someone, about 40% of people admit they instantly form a negative opinion if the person has this. What is it? Sweat Stains
11-15: 40% of cats have THIS trait. What is it? Left Pawed
11-14: Every year 80,000 people are bitten by this.  What? Other people
11-13: According to a survey, THIS is the most memorable advertising character of all time. What is it? The Jolly Green Giant
11-10: There is no copyright or patent protection on these. What are they? Magic Tricks
11-9: In a recent survey, people over the age of 50 say doing this makes them feel younger. What is it? Driving
11-8: THIS has been voted the #1 rude behavior when it comes to cellphone etiquette. Using the speakerphone in public
11-7: 54% of people say they drink coffee first thing in the morning, what drink came in second? Tea and Water Tied for 2nd
11-6: 20% of people do THIS before buying a house. What is it? Meet the neighbors.
11-3: 57% of employers are less likely to promote someone who does this in the office. What? Uses Profanity
11-2: Almost a third of us admit that we are embarrassed  by THIS. The cleanliness of the inside of our cars
11-1: 33% of us say we have had our day ruined by this. What is it? Comments on social media
10-31: In a Halloween poll, THIS was ranked the #1 most popular treat to receive.
10-30: According to a survey, you reach your peak in ability to THIS in your mid 30's. What is it? The ability to spell
10-27: A news survey has found the two worst things to do on a first date. One is talking about the weather. What's the other? Going to a horror movie.
10-26: You've probably already used ONE of these today and you'll probably use at least 7 more by this time next week. What is it? A Password
10-25: According to a survey, 31% of us have been late for work because of this. What? They forgot their cell phone
10-24:38% of people say they do this every day at work. What is it? Dress Casually
10-23: 60% of women in a relationship say they don't initially believe their man when he tell her this. That he's sick
10-20: This will actually make your lunch taste better. If someone else makes it for you
10-19: Just under half of us secretly wish we could be what? Taller.
10-18: 15% of women have broken up with a guy because of this. She didn't like his mom.
10-17: 85% of people say they don't mind if THIS is true about their boss. What? He or she is younger than you.
10-16:More dog owners name their pets after this than any other food. What is it? Oreo