5-1: The cost of doing THIS has almost doubled since 2012.
4-30: People today do THIS almost 10% more than in the 1980s. Sit
4-29:  Aside from being animals, horses and sharks have THIS in common. They are both ticklish.
4-28: A new poll finds we spend an average of $4,500 a year on THIS.  Items we regret (junk food, booze, etc).
4-27: 80% of us have at least one of THESE but don't fully appreciate it until age 25. A Sibling
4-24: 95% of the time this does not move.
4-23: If a teenager is going to do THIS, it will cost an average of $320. Going to Prom
4-22: People worldwide spend an average of 6.5 hours per week doing THIS at home. Cooking
4-21: About 93% of us have one of THESE but most of us never, ever clean it. The Vacuum Cleaner
4-20: A majority of us do THIS about 3 times a year.  Fake someone else's signature.
4-17: Rubber bands are the #1 item we keep in our 'junk drawer', followed by THIS. Birthday Candles
4-16: Over the course of a typical career, you do THIS over 6,000 times. Attend Meetings
4-15: A new poll says the average family argues over stupid little things 300 times a year. The #2 topic is the TV being too loud, THIS is #1. Turning off electronic devices
4-14: If a woman starts THIS, she'll spend $700 on it; if a man does, he'll spend $1,000. Golfing.
4-13: According to a recent poll, THIS is the #1 snack that people take on road trips. Beef Jerky
4-10: On average, it takes us a total of 4 hours to do THIS. Plan a vacation.
4-9: About 1-in-13 people do THIS when the go to the movies. Stay for the Credits
4-8: About 1-in-10 men have never done THIS. Worn a tux
4-7: The average person has 2 of THESE that they haven't used in at least a year. Keys
4-6: About a third of married couples surveyed say that, in the past 5 years, they have shared THIS with each other.
4-3: A recent poll finds THIS is the #1 thing in our homes that we have too much of. Coat Hangers
4-2:  The original color of THIS was yellow. Stop Signs
4-1: What is our big announcement? We are giving away a Harley AND a new pick up truck!!
3-31:We now spend more time doing THIS in the morning than eating breakfast, showering, and getting dressed combined.
3-30: The first person called after a breakup - man or woman - is a close female friend, followed by THIS person. ANSWER: Their Mom
3-27: What is the lie that kids are most likely to tell? They brushed their teeth.
3-26:   Although THIS annual activity likely dates back thousands of years, the 1st recorded mention of it wasn't until 1857. Spring Cleaning
3-25:Every hour we use another 2.5 million of THESE. Plastic Bottles
3-24:You will find 158 of THESE in the average home. Books
3-23:Women tend to do THIS in the evening, while men are more likely to do it during the day. Think about money
3-20: About 1 in 5 people honestly think they might be one of THESE. A Genius
3-19: 1 in 5 drivers on the road are doing this right now. Eating.
3-18: These are the "3 little words" women like to hear most. You've lost weight.
3-17: 37% of people will not buy a house if it has this. The number 13 in the address.
3-16:  Perhaps surprisingly, THIS contains vitamin B12. Rain.