4-23:  The most popular day of the week to do THIS is Wednesday.
4-22: Guys don't have much trouble doing THIS, but it can take a woman 6-to-9 tries. On average, women try on 6 or more outfits before finding one to buy.
4-21: You're less likely to believe what someone says if they do THIS. Put their hand on their hip
4-18: The average woman has spent $500 on THIS. Clothes she's never worn.
4-17:  Guitar was picked as #1 in a new poll on the 'sexiest musical instrument to play'; and THIS was #2.  Saxophone.
4-16: Stats show you are most likely to accidentally do THIS at work on a Wednesday. Fall Asleep
4-15: It takes 30 workers 40 days to produce a single ounce of THIS. Honey (worker bees that is)
4-14: Women have 4 times as many problems with THESE than men. Their feet
4-11: Bartenders get more of THIS than people in other professions. Sleep
4-10: The average woman does THIS about 3 times a week, and each time it takes about 22 minutes. Calls her mom.
4-9: Men feel most confident on a date when they are wearing THIS. Wear something blue
4-8: According to a new study, you'll argue less with your partner if you do THIS at home. dim the lights
4-7: Men who have one of these are supposed to be better adjusted ... What do they have? A Sister
4-4: Men who do THIS are described as 'vulgar' and 'inauthentic'. Wear Hawaiian shirts.
4-3: A lot of things we use once and then throw away; but most of us throw THESE away without ever using them at all. Instructions
4-2: The average person who does THIS, does it at 9:11 pm each night. Puts on pajamas.
4-1: It doesn't seem directly related, but 70% of people who say they have self-esteem issues also admit to doing THIS a lot. Honking their horn
3-31: According to a recent job-seeking survey, people who put THIS on their résumé are less likely to get the job.  A cutesy email address. (ie: MyHeartIsYours@home.com)
3-28: Outside of our homes and jobs, we spend more time HERE than anywhere else. Shopping malls
3-27: Complete the list: The things couples argue about most are money, household chores, and THIS. Snoring
3-26:THIS is where 1-in-4 people who've recovered a lost cellphone found it. The laundry basket
3-25: The average man buys one of THESE every second year. A new Belt
3-24: 10 years ago virtually everyone did THIS; now 20% only do it once or twice a year and 38% don't do it at all. Write checks