9-3: If this is an average day, you'll do THIS more than 20 times.
9-2: A new list of "Top 10 Things You Should NOT Own After Age 30″ is topped by THIS. Unframed posters
9:1: Fully two-thirds of women polled say they dislike it when a man wears THIS.
Answer: A Hawaiian shirt.
8-31: Typical children use THESE 730 times by their 10th birthday. Crayons
8-28:On average, women get a new one of THESE 12 times during their lifetime.
Answer: Job.
8-27: 7-out-of-10 men believe they are better at THIS than women.
Answer: Driving and navigating.
8-26:Asked what is the #1 rule in their household, most families cite THIS. Feet off the furniture
8-25: When faking a sick day, about a third of employees do THIS. Turn off their phone
8-24: There are more of THESE made in summertime than any other time. More twins are conceived in the Summer than at any other time of the year.
8-21: More than a third of us say THIS little sound stresses us out. Email notification.
8-20: 1-in-11 people surveyed say THIS is their favorite dessert.
8-19: Almost 650 million of THESE will end up in landfills this year.  Shoes
8-18: According to a survey, THIS is the #1 thing that causes stress on a vacation. Over Spending
8-17: 1-in-10 people who have done THIS waited until they were 45 to do it. Get a tattoo
8-14: Asked to name something they do in the bathroom during their morning routine that would surprise others, 40% of poll participants cited THIS. play video games on their phone.
8-13:Women who regularly do THIS gain about 15 lbs on average.
Answer: Watch cooking shows.
8-12:  THIS is the #1 thing most people brag about getting a good deal on.
Answer: A vacation.
8-11: More than half of wives have never shown their husbands THIS. Their natural hair color
8-10: It's estimated that by the end of the year, $335 million-worth of THESE will be stolen. Shopping Carts
8-7: 10 years ago people did THIS all the time; nowadays hardly anyone ever does.
8-6: If you own a home, there's an 80% chance you have one of THESE. A Welcome Mat
8-5: If you're average, you've only memorized five of THESE. recipes
8-4: The average person does THIS 2 million times in a lifetime. Swears
8-3: 58% of women say this is their man's worst habit. What is it? Flipping the channels
7-31: THIS lasts 3 hours and 49 minutes for the average family. Road Trip
7-30: Employees with desk jobs do THIS far more often than manual laborers. Go to the bathroom
7-29: Aside from having a vacation or staycation, THIS is the #1 thing we do when taking time off from work. Go to a wedding
7-28:  Female drivers are about 80% more likely to do THIS than male drivers. Lose their keys
7-27: The price of THESE normally changes around 70 times before selling out. Airline Tickets
7-24: A quarter of all parents never make their kids do THIS. Wear Sunscreen
7-23:  It's estimated there are approximately a half-million tweets about THIS each day. The weather
7-22:They get a lot of media coverage, but THESE have actually happened 90% less often over the last 60 years. Shark attacks.
7-21: If money gets tight, over half of us say THIS would be the 1st thing we'd cut back on. Cable/TV
7-20: It's estimated that one of THESE gets broken every 14 seconds. Sunglasses