1-17: A Study shows that men who have this tend to be very smart. What?
1-16: Generally, 50% of these are discontinued within 5 years. What are they? Breakfast Cereals
1-15: 30% of us say we never leave the house without this. What? Gum
1-12: A survey found this is the first thing nearly 80% of women do when they break up with a guy. What is it?  Unfriend them on Facebook
1-11: According to a survey, what is the worse women's hairstyle ever? The perm
1-10: Almost 70% of Dad's will not let their children touch this at the house. What? The thermostat
1-9: As a man gets older, the more likely he is to wear on of these. What? a sweater
1-8: 25% of people say this is one of their biggest  fears. What? Their cell phone battery dying.
1-5: People who can do this have an IQ that is 5 points higher on average - what is it? Play a musical instrument
1-4: According to a recent survey, 29% of us admit to overspending on this during the holidays.Liquor
1-3: 25% of women say they would never date one of these. What? A Star Wars Fan
1-2: There are 320 million tons of of these in the world. People
12-27: According to a survey, 10% of us hide things HERE when guests show up unexpectedly ... The bathtub
12-26: 16% of Men don't think their partner does this well ....Parking
12-22: 2% of us will do THIS on Monday. What? Help out at a Homeless shelter
12:21: 80% of men say they hate THIS the most about the holidays. Wrapping Gifts
12-20: This happens to 7 out of 10 dogs? They get a Christmas present.
12-19: The average family uses one of theses for 7 years before tossing it. Artificial Christmas tree.
12-18: 10% of familes will do this before breakfast on Christmas morning. Argue.
12-15:  50% of us say we have not done this over the holidays. What is it? Kiss under mistletoe.
12-14: People spend more on this in December than any other month of the year. Clothes
12-13: According to a new survey, over the years, people estimated that they've gotten an average of $954 worth of these. What are they? Bad Christmas Gifts
12-12: In 2003 adults bought an average of 15 of THESE a year; now they only buy 3.  What? DVD's
12-11: 90% of us have at least 20 of these tucked away.  What is it?  Gift Bags
12-8: 98% of these are still hand-written. What? Letters to Santa
12-7:  Experts predict 40% of us will do this to supplement our budget this Christmas season. What? Cash in our loose change
12-6: The average adult starts doing this at the age of 41.  What is it? Taking vitamins
12-5: According to a survey, women can do THIS for about 32 minutes and 45 seconds. What is it? Keep a Secret
12-4:Most of us want one of these at Christmas, and more than 85% of them are imported from china. An artificial tree