12-7:  According to a workplace survey, money is the greatest reward an employer can give, followed by THIS.
12-6:  The collective weight of all of THIS in your body totals about 4 lbs (2 kg). Bacteria
12-5:This item will be touched an average of 25 times before it is purchased. Greeting Cards

12-2: The average person does THIS 98 times a year. Eats Cereal
12-1:  A "Fitness Magazine" poll finds fully a third of us would rather not do THIS at the gym. Sweat
11-30:The majority of women do THIS every morning. Make the bed
11-29: 1-in-10 men keep THIS for over 10 years. Underwear
11-28: THIS happens more on a Monday than any other day of the week. Heart attacks
11-24:According to a survey of adults, over 60% do THIS while gambling. Pray
11-23: The average person has about 150 of THESE but only uses around 15. TV Channels
11-22:Professional cleaners say THIS object at the office collects some of the most germs.
Answer: Coffee machine button.
11-21: You're likely to make more than $2,000 extra per year if you have THIS trait. If you're left handed
11-18: On average, it takes someone 20 minutes to make a decision about THIS. Figuring out what to watch on Netflix
11-17: Married men are 8 times more likely to do THIS while driving than single guys. Obey the speed limit
11-16: In general, women are better at reading THIS than men. Upside-down print.
11-15: Half of singles admit to doing THIS prior to going on a date. Googling their date
11-14:Researchers have found that women are 3 times more sensitive to THIS than men.Sounds while sleeping
11-11: Almost half of surveyed adults admit they do THIS more after the Fall time change. Spend more time in the internet
11-10:You're 343 times more likely to convince someone to do something for you if you do THIS. If you're face to face
11-9: 15% of us say THIS keeps us from being productive at work.Being Hungry
11-8: Almost half of managers surveyed don't like THIS about their job. Their job title
11-7:The average person does THIS 13 times a day. What? ANSWER: Laughs
11-4:More than half of women polled think a guy who has THIS skill is sexy.
Answer: Cooking.
11-3:The 5 things that matter to women when dating a man are personality, looks, education, profession, and THIS.
Answer: Income.
11-2:The average person has THIS 3.9 times per month.
Answer: Pizza.
11-1: 85% of people say eating THIS gives them a sense of security and comfort.
Answer: Mac & cheese.
10-31: Stats show the average person consumes 24 lbs of THIS per year.
Answer: Coffee.