9-19: Today there are 2 billion of THESE; by 2020, there will be 6 billion.
9-18:  According to an auto insurance survey, THIS tops the list of most embarrassing moments for drivers. Forgetting where they parked.
9-17: Some 2,000 people per year go to Emergency Rooms due to injuries from THESE. Houseplants.
9-16: Women take 20% longer to get over THIS than men.  A breakup.
9-15: Whenever you do THIS, you do it for about 8 minutes on average. Take a shower.
9-12: The #1 pet peeve at the gym is people taking selfies. And THIS is #2. Naked talkers in the locker room.
9-11: If you're average, you use about 54 feet (16.5 m) of THIS every year. Dental Floss
9-10: If you try THIS, you have a 1-in-3 chance of getting away with it.  Lie on your résumé.
9-9: 50% of people who have done THIS say they later regretted it. Gotten a divorce.
9-8: The world record for THIS is 41.31 seconds. Eating an entire 12-inch pizza.
9-5: When a woman turns 30, she starts to have less of THESE? Friends
9-4: The average length of THESE is 50% shorter than 10 years ago?  Phone calls.
9-3: People do this 30% less than they think they do? Smile.
9-2: On average, women do THIS 150 times a year; but men do it just 12 times a year? Check their horoscope.
8-29: Perhaps surprisingly, THIS is more popular than yoga? Yoga clothing.
8-28:  Doing THIS immediately improves a man's mood? Smelling bacon.
8-27:The majority of people 35-plus have THESE in the house, but many hide them whenever company comes over? Eyeglasses/reading glasses.
8-26:: If you are average, you do THIS 14 times a day? Stress about something.
8-25:  The average man does THIS 5 times an hour; the average woman about 7 times an hour? Touches their face.
8-22: There are now over 35,000 of THESE worldwide and they're sucking up an awful lot of water? Golf courses.
8-21: More than half of married people say they never do THIS in the bedroom? Change the side of the bed they sleep on.
8-20: Compared to their mothers, women today have much bigger WHAT? Engagement rings
8-19:  In a recent Yahoo! survey, the majority say they feel most guilty when they do THIS?
Waste food.
8-18: Our grandparents barely had any, but nowadays 70% of us say we have about 40 of THESE? Electrical outlets in the house.
8-15: Employees experience less stress and customers report a happier experience with companies and businesses that have THIS? Pets on the premises.
8-14:  According to the latest research, people who do THIS at least once a month have less stress in their lives? Go to the Movies
8-13: Women who do THIS are less likely to gain weight than women who don't? Drink wine.
8-12: Most pre-schoolers can use a computer, but only 10% can do THIS? Tie up their shoelaces.
8-11: Over the past decade, the number of people getting help for THIS has increased by 60%?  Snoring.
8-8:There are more of THESE in Japan than anywhere else? 7-Eleven convenience stores.
8-7: During a 1-week vacation, the average person does THIS about 10 times? Posts something on Facebook.
8-6:  According to experts, doing THIS can improve your mood?  Making the password to your email or phone something positive.
8-5:  Studies show doing THIS more than 7 times can ruin a family outing? Taking a picture.