5-26: Children around-the-world spend about 5 billion hours a year using THIS.
5-25:  8-out-of-10 women's swimsuits have THIS in common.
5-24:1-in-10 married couples won't do THIS even once this year. Say I Love You
5-23: Today THESE cost just a few bucks, but the first one in 1981 cost $20,000. A computer mouse
5-20: You're twice as likely to do THIS at work in the afternoon than in the morning. Complain
5-19: You are more likely to experience THIS if you're married than if you're single.Heartburn.
5-18: Approximately 450,000 people on Earth have THIS in common.They're 100-years-old or more.
5-17: If you still have VHS movies at home, THIS is the title you're most likely to have. The Lion King
5-16: It's estimated only 30% of people can do THIS. Flare their nostrils.
5-13: 90% of us admit we do THIS, but 80% won't do it if anyone else is around.
Sing in the car. (Women and redheads are most likely to.)
5-12: THIS is usually the oldest item you will find in someone's refrigerator. Salad Dressing
5-11: Hard to believe but over 6,500 people are injured each year by THESE. Pillows
5-9:  Teenagers say THIS is the thing that distracts them most while they're driving. Texts from their parents
5-6: If you sleep in a cold room, THIS is more likely to happen. Bad Dreams
5-5: In an attempt to improve their appearance, more than of men have done this: Shaved their Chest
5-4: This year about 2,000 bicyclists will be injured when they do THIS.  Run into an open car door.
5-3: Over a lifetime, the average woman spends a total of 2 years doing THIS.Getting ready to leave the house.
5-2: On average we throw away a quarter of THIS. Bread
4-29: Room temperature is the #1 argument office workers have; what's #2? Smelly Bad
4-28: 6:30pm is the most popular time to do THIS. Drink Wine
4-27: Half of people polled admit they can't remember THIS from high school. Their prom song.
4-26: Over half of brides won't book a wedding venue these days unless it has THIS. WiFi
4-25: A poll show that 7% of women stop doing THIS after having their first child. Coloring their hair.
4-22: People believe having THIS makes you 20% more attractive. White Teeth
4-21: According to a "Good Housekeeping" poll, more than half of us still have one of THESE in the house. A VCR
4-20: When THIS flies, it rotates 100 times per second. A Golf Ball
4-19:  The average person performs THIS function 22 times a day. Opens the refrigerator
4-18: About 1-in-6 people polled admit they've fallen asleep HERE. In the bathroom at work
4-15: The average woman will do THIS 500 times over the course of her life. Wear shoes that don't fit.
4-14: The average person knows 2 people in high school who had THIS. A Uni-brow
4-13:The average household has 6 of THESE, according to a recent poll. Refrigerator Magnets
4-12:1-in-10 women have done THIS in the bedroom and their partner doesn't know it. Hidden snacks.
4-11: According to a recent study, 20% of people who sing out loud today will do THIS. Sing a commercial jingle.