5-28: Bailey Monroe, Darren and Julie Westendorf
5-27:Chase Humpal, Chase and Breelyn Reihle
5-26: Andrew Schaller, Reed and Holly Allen
5-22: Katlyn Mitchell, Dr Kevin and Leslie Sand
5-21: Blake Moen, Kevin and Donna Carolan
5-20: Blaine Lennon, Gordy and Marlis Oakland
5-19: Ethan Liebold, Jerry and Karen Heinz
5-18: Lexie Engen, Pat and Amy O'Regan
5-15: Jayden Sweinefuss, Peg and Marion Beatty
5-14: Derek Keener, Kim and Steve Holthouse
5-13: Gunner Grinna, Corey and Leannah Wentworth
5-12: Cassie Wyatt, Ron and Rosemary Rassmussen
5-11:Brian Phipps, Randy and Lisa Tangen
5-8: Cassidy Foltz, Dean and Marsha Henning
5-7: Cindy Simpson, Larry and Bev Whittle
5-6: Chad Wurtzel, Steve and Christa VandenBrink
5-5: Marshall Rosenbaum, Maynard and Rita Hotvedt
5-4: Diane Ihde, Jerry and Cindy Remke
5-1: Rachel Darnell, Erlin and Wanda Walter
4-30: Ethan Adams, Stanley and Lois Swenson
4-29: Marty Carlson, Duane and Linda Flatland
4-28: Trevor Massman, Arnie and Janet Beneke
4-27: Lindsey Buddenberg, Megan and Casey Bower