7-22: Erica Hanson, Kristin and Darin Hollein
7-21: Colby Lieran, Mike and Tammy Wold
7-20: Cameron Kruger, Neil and Michell Funk
7-19: Dawson Huinker, Jeremy and Rachel Elsbernd
7-18: Mason Zweibomber, Jason and Kristen Myli
7-15: Kya Holton, Chris and Rachel Leader
7-14: Addison Ellingson , Amy and Josh Bond
7-13: Drew Jackson, Jamie & Lori Smith
7-12: Keatyn Reihle, Heidi and Jason Meyer
7-11: Ken Molder, Steve and Bev Panish
7-8: Violet Holthouse, Jed and Shelly Dahle
7-7:Zack Fretheim, Eric and Casey Rausch
7-6: Sullivan Nelson, Brian and Nicole Andrashek
7-5: Kinsey White, Tom and Kris Omar
7-1: Zeke Lectenberg, Brent and Sarah Holten
6-30: Anabelle Baker, Kevin and Kim Huinker
6-29: Paige Schmidt, Steve and Molly Holthouse
6-28: Quintin Hageman, Mike and Amy Sabelka
6-27: Camille Wedo, Ryan and Lyndsy Vsateka
6-24: Quinn Huinker, Pat and Barb Schwamman
6-23: Allison Liebold, Amy and Joel Teslow
6-22: Troy Lensing, Earl and Kim Kennon
6-21: Carstyn Lukes, Roger and Mary Monroe
6-20: Piper Ducker, Caleb and Paula Snitzler
6-17: Triston Finholt, Pat and Jill Ryan
6-16: Sam Kipp, Josh and Ashley Rauk
6-15: Joseph Young, Brad and Jolyn Miller