7-30: Brinnley Courtney, Robert and Candice Hammel
7-29: Carter Dull, Arlin and Fran Shagger
7-28: Eli Holthouse, Bill and Deon McGee
7-25: Darrin Pesinosky, Don and Camella Conway
7-24: Abby Bolson, Chris and Lisa Kimball
7-23: Dalton Schiedel, Jerry and Becky Wyand
7-22: Kyle Kragel, Roger and Carrie Ferrie
7-21: Renee Ellingson, Larry and Sandy Shroyer
7-18: Nic Frana, John and Deena Hageman
7-17: Jeff Wemark, Dave and Laura Kirshner
7-16: Jewell McCormick, Mike and Mary Jo Wilhelm
7-15: Cole Licktag, CJ and Judy Lensing
7-14:Ethan Rice, Jeremy and Sondra Cornwall
7-10: Janice Baker, Tom and Mary Kleve
7-10: Cody Moody, Merle and Donna Wenthold
7-9: Mark Natvig, Pam and Kevin Cline
7-8: Violet Holthouse, Wendy and Brian luenberger
7-7: Kaitlyn Leiran, Doug and Karen Guyer
7-3: Travis Frana, Tom and Kris Omar
7-2: Jesse Carolan, Jim and Cindy Blue
7-1: Nick Lauer, Aaron and Nikki Terbeest
6-30: Brad Gavle, Kevin and Kim Huinker
6-27: Tyler Numedahl, Greg and Rachel Barta
6-26: Camille Wedo, Ryan and Lindsey Vseteska
6-25: April Blong, Allen and Mary Hyek
6-24: Lissa Chisel, Barb and Pat Schwaman
6-23: Elsa McCarger, Chris and Christy Schwartzoff
6-20: Joseph Courtney,  Larry and Ronna Lillefield
6-19: Tommy Underbakke, Dave and Roslind Palis
6-18: Sherry Carolan, Gary and Judy Hovden
6-17: Tristan Finholt, Pat and Jill Ryan
6-16: Michael Lyons, Bob and Maggie Lubeck