1-27: Kaitlyn Orvis, Larry and Jeanie Fredrick
1-26: Callie Batterson, Dennis and Donna Zidlicky
1-23: JuleAnn Sindelar, Vince and Colleen Gehling
1-22: Ashely Fencil, Karen and Luther Anderson
1-21: Eric Shroyer, Kevin and Julie Carter
1-20: Natalie Klimesh, Don and Amy Schroeder
1-19: Cody Schmelzer, Gary and Geraldine Frye
1-16: John Hageman, Ron and Marlene Wenthold
1-15: DeeAnn Krambeer, Larry and Julie Kreener
1-14: Jana Winter, Don and Inna Hovden
1-13: Isabella Cobb, Lenny and Linda Burke
1-12: Andrew Born, Jim and Sharon Boland
1-9: Jill Walton, John & Jeri Fitzgerald
1-8: Addison Wurzer, Randy and Kelly Vine
1-7: Alex Tietz, Dave and Doreen Holstad
1-6: Christopher Knutson, Leo and Cheryl Monroe
1-5: Claudia Dobbs, Gerald and Darla Bakken
1-2: Mckinzie Albertson, Margaret and Larry Riha
12-31: Bill Bergstrom, Dave and Sue Rausch
12-30: Dannielle Reihle, Nathan and Abby Cline
12-29: Rita Hurd, Deon and Carmen Johnson
12-26: Josie Einwalter, Denise and Gary Baumler
12-24: Taylor Dahl, Lavern and Kathy Lansing
12-23: Grace Bohr, Steve and Cathy Haugen
12-22: Lars Hovden, Pam & Bucky Halvorson
12-19: Michael Hurd, Tom and Kim Malanaphy
12-18: Jill Smith, Jeremy and Rachel Sweeney
12-17:Rosie Ramstad, Bruce and  Betty Shoeman
12-16:Dallas Steffans, Bob and Marci Myli
12-15: Payton Smith, Larry Sikkink & Kim Powell
12-12: Lorrin Kurth, Dean and Kari Ehler
12-11: Cody Hanson, Ron and Sue Norman
12-10: Cody Phillips, Elmer and Rose Hanson