11-20: Chelsey Holtz, Jeremy and Laura Miller
11-19: Dave Kratz, Tim and Sarah Anfinson
11-16:Clinton Stevens, Ron and Joyce Sweska
11-15: Jason Herold, Charles and Doris Berrans
11-14: Lucas Hunter, Travis and Tammy Hovey
11-13: Zackery Glass, Tiffany and Eric Zweibomber
11-12: Kade Downing, Dave and Julie Swenson
11-9: Stella Witt, Bill and Anne Merrick
11-8: Dan Dirtina, Wayne and Nancy Jordahl
11-7: Karlee Mann, Jan and tony McCabe
11-6: Kenny Barnes, Steve and Connie Mott
11-5: Trevor Phillips, Luke and Nessa Stika
11-2: Kaylee Dahl, Dave and Kelaly Farley
11-1: Whitney Jensen, Tim and Mary Kay Lensch
10-31: Mathew Praska, Chris and Marty Fisher
10-30: Samantha Gerard, Pete and Kayla Solum
10-29: Josie Bohr, Beth and Cory Sims
10-26: Hudson Dean Quam, Ron and Jean Franzen
10-25: Chad  Kostoress, Rory and Lynette Borsheim
10-24: Josie Tieskoetter, Andy and Pam Rasmussen
10-23: Gracie Davis, Sharon and Gary Hanson
10-22: Sophia Merrick, Ed and Lisa Hackmen
10-19: Kayden Quandahl. Cathy and Leweis Blaire
10-18: Lakin Leonhardt, Kurt and Jen Fortman
10-17: Judy Sweeney, Trish and Kevin Martin
10-16: Julie Smith, Ross and Emily Ellingson
10-15: Owen Larson, Paul and Cathy Ganade