7-21: Hailey Steine, Mike and Tammy Wold
7-20:Lynn Martin, Neil and Michelle Funke
7-19: Dawson Huinker, Samantha and Brian Sweska
7-18: Blake Borsheim, Mark and Stephanie Folkedahl
7-17: Ava Kennon, Mark and Annette Zweibomber
7-14: Addison Ellingson, Robin and Lola Foltz.
7-13: Madison Bergan, Brian and Vicky Losen.
7-12: Keaton Rehlie, Eric and Jenny Shateska
7-11: Avryn Sibly, Gary and Denise Balik
7-10: Kaitlyn Born, JR and Mary Beth Carey
7-7: Zach Fretheim, Mark and Jen Zieman
7-6: Sullivan Nelson, Kelly and Deann Krull
7-5: Macy Bower, Tom and Kris Omar
7-3: Liam Hageman, Vince and Melissa Kappes
6-30: Nadia Moellers, Arnie and Lois Meyer
6-29: Emma Rolfs, Pat and Shannon Schmelzer
6-28: Taylor Numedahl, Ron and Tammy Onsager
6-27: Hazel Quam, Anne and Allen Wenthold
6-26:Kayden Fritz, Curt and Janice Hanson
6-23: Allison Liebold, Amy and Joel Teslow
6-22:Gavin Alberton, Jeff and Bev Meyer
6-21: Tegan Quinn, Andy and Colleen Cray
6-20: Lauren Ball, Derrek and Carrie Buddenberg
6-19: Billie Wagner, Dave and Rosalind Palis
6-16: Laynah Polashek, Dave and Bonnie Zidlicky
6-15: Chloe Reiser Jeremy and Sanda Miller.
6-14: Ashley Wilker, Duane and Debra Brandt
6-13: Hayden Hauber, Earl and Cindy Lansing
6-12: Bailey Rue, Michelle and Ken Amdahl