9-21: Emily Carolan, Danny and Kelly Brincks
9-20: Dale Noble, Jared and Rachel Shoeman
9-19: Carlee Einck, Bandon and Jenny Peterson
9-18: Jack Hammel, Miles and Connie Gerleman
9-17: Carra Meyers, Cory and Stacy White
9-14: Evelyn Bohr, Jess and Nicole Ellingson
9-13: Kylie Zolick. Glen and Lyn Krozer
9-12: Summer Lonning, Jason and Tiffany McCabe
9-11: Brooklyn Anderson, Dan and Catherine Balk
9-10: Riley Meyer, Adam and Cheryl Batterson
9-7: Miley Hageman, Rich and Lori Bolman
9-6: Eli Lyon, Art and Beth Perry
9-5: Emmitt Schwartzhoff, Jen and Lyaf White
9-4: Leah Vsteka, John and Annette Kennon
8-31: Jim Fisher, John and Jan Kuehner
8-30: Jessica O'Brian, John and Sue Ryan
8-29:Bricken McKone, Dave and Donna Gilbert
8-28: Audra Ellingson, Randy and Tina  Huinker
8-27: Lilly Hurst, Russel and Val Brincks
8-24: Brecken Shot, Bob and Sherry Erickson
8-23: Ava Franzen, Kendra and Shawn Schmidt
8-22: Owen Steinlage, Greg and Becky McCabe
8-21: Jayden Wyatt, Mike and Lynette Kruger
8-20: Jusin  Casterton, Tony and Pat Vondra
 8-17: Jayden Anderson, Tom and Bev O'Brian
8-16: Elizabeth Rolfs, Jim and Trish Bossom
8-15: Blake Pattison, Randy and Mary Jo Hangartner
8-14: Gracie Thorson, Jaimie and Heather Hageman
8-13: Marcus Kriener, Carol and Gordy Gaustad
8-10: Sophie Murry, Jeff and Julie Luzem
8-9: Hayden Reckward, Randy and Peggy Seaverson
8-8: Mckenzie Gallagher, Bruce and Melinda Hanson
8-7: Corrine Bakken, Ann and Donnie Neuzil
8-6: Seth Dirtina, Leon and Laura Lectenberg