11-25: Alex Wentworth, Rick and Julie Kipp
11-24: Eden Northrup, Josh and Julie  Nolte
11-23: Tony Wahlus, Gene and Lisa Costello
11-20: Justin Feester, Jeremy and laura Miller
11-19: Blair Busta, Tim and Sara Anfinson
11-18: Austin Kleppe, Adam and Erika Zelphey
11-17:Breelyn Dirkson, Roxanne and Bill Johnson
11-16: Declan White, Kevin and Kristen Coolish
11-13: Hunter Yirak, Gary and Tammy Belverud
11-12: Devon Lansing, Jeff and Betty Cook
11-11: Collin Wiltgen, Lyle and Laura Brincks
11-10: Zack Brummond, Kelly and Kim Peck
11-9: Ashton Pankow, Wayne and Nancy Jordahl
11-6: Ruth Funk, Steve and Connie Mott
11-5: Sidney Berns, Aaron and Jenny Larson
11-4: Simon Schmidt, Dennis and Paula Merrick
11-3: Payton Ferrie, David and Kelly Farley
11-2: Timothy Bean, Shanna and Evan Meyer
10-30: Sloan Huinker, Mike and Mary Brummond
10-29: Joel Hanson, Pete and Kayla Solum
10-28: Nancy Hageman, Arthur and Madonna Samek
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10-23: Brittney Kruger, Angela and Andrew Hanson
10-22: Toby Englehardt, Brenda and Scott Houg
10-21: Katie Pavlovec, Jeff and Melissa Heying
10-20: McKenna Martin, Pat and Tom Rideout
10:19: Emma Hanson, Barb and Eugene Winter
10-16: Lyvia Rauk, Tom and Phyllis Mitchell
10-15: Lexi Hillgerson, Gary and JoAnne Larson
10-14: Sierra Gilson, Matt and Nicole Steffans
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10-5: Dillon Bahr, Jack and Julie Kolka