8-25: Cashton Kennon, Mark and Rebecaa Skretta
8-24: David  hendrickson, Bob and linda Wedeman
8-23: Connor Doyle, Ryan and Kelsey Henry
8-22: Ernie Lundvedt, Jerry and Patty Lein
8-19: Cody Dostal, Bill and Amy Murphy
8-18: Vinnie Ducker, Barb and Gary Smith
8-17: Carter Vertheim, John and Rachel Holm
8-16: Gus Pole, Steve and Dianne Sweska
8-15: Blake Pattison, Gary and Deb Smorstad
8-12: Jenna Johnson, Lyn and Julie Hageman
8-11: Kylie Metcalf, Jaimie and Sheila Reicks
8-10: Kayden Meyer, Jeff and Julie Luzum
8-9: Zachery Dietz, Cory and Laura Wiltgen
8-8: Ben Hageman, Ann and Donnie and Neuzil
8-5: Jayden Knox, Andrew and Trisha Smith
8-4: Josie Webber, Ron and Mary Lour Balk
8-3: Logan Houg, Lyle and Mary Barth
8-2:Brayden McCain, Brian and Amanda Hartley
8-1: Josie Stika, Chris and Jill Lauer
7-29: Brinnley Courtney, Mike and Linda Root
7-28:Keaton Carlson, Bill and Deon McGee
7-27: Eli Holthouse, David and Linda Denner
7-26: Tommy Sexton, Marc and Eleanor Smith
7-25: Kayden Asltad, Chris and Lisa Kimball
7-22: Erica Hanson, Kristin and Darin Hollein
7-21: Colby Lieran, Mike and Tammy Wold
7-20: Cameron Kruger, Neil and Michell Funk
7-19: Dawson Huinker, Jeremy and Rachel Elsbernd
7-18: Mason Zweibomber, Jason and Kristen Myli