10-21: Danica Mueller, Lunch and Gilby Smith
10-20: Phillip French, Dave and Diane Ahmeling
10-19: Will Teslow, Willard and Verna Hanson
10-18: Drake Huinker, Chris and Kim Bauer
10-17: Lyvia Rauk, Von and John Collins
10-14: Owen Larson, Troy and Bobbi Lensing
10-13:Alex Numedahl, Trevor and Tori Hageman
10-12: Darlene Anderson, Steve and Skip Huinker
10-11: Haley Baumler, Tony and Shelly Gerard
10-10: Michael Hanson, Grant and Shannon Schissel
10-7: Nicholas Farley, Brad and Becky Uhlenhakke
10-6: Colin Holm, Jackie and Reeden Becker
10-05: Montana Zweibomber, Scott and Sheena Dettmer
10-04:Margan Shrage, Brad and Jodi Dull
10-03: Sonja Sattrom, Joe and Kathy Hodeck
9-30: Rebecca Wagner, Bob and Dalane Carolan
9-29: Jeffry Meyer, Karla and Neil Lansing
9-28: Elizabeth Bradly, Mark and Nina Winter
9-27: Mitchell Vaughts, Bubba and Tracy Schmidt
9-26: Addison Iverson, Blake and Michelle Buddenberg
9-23: Mitch Smith, Leland and Lynn Monroe
9-22: Lisa  Johnson, Mark and Kris Berg
9-21: Julia Alberts, Branden and Mandy Sebastian
9-20: Leah Sheffert, Vince and Sadi Thranert
9-19: Jack Hammel, Roger and Pat Huinker
9-16: Brianna Busta, Craig and Brenda Langreck
9-15: Tasha Trumble, Jonathan and Sarah Carlson
9-14: Jacob Kuhn, Pam and Kevin Schmidt
9-13:Jordan Berg, Glen and Lynn Krozier
9-12: Brookyn Anderson, Paul and Beth Anderson
9-9: Wanita Phillips, Chad and Tracy Halverson
9-8: Jace Buddenberg, Justin and Carrie Heckman
9-7: Kayden Meyer, Danny and Smantha Neuzil
9-6: Duane Cole, Dale and Lara Greve
9-2: Kay Strand, Tara & Rick Bigler
9-1: Jett Larson, Mike and Carrie Dahl
8-31: Jayden Weis, Rick and Linda Burns
8-30: Lincoln Lukes, Ed and Tiffany Wagner
8-29: Robert Berger, Lee and Christy Huinker
8-26: Nicole Knutson, Nick and Linda Gehling
8-25: Cashton Kennon, Mark and Rebecaa Skretta
8-24: David  hendrickson, Bob and linda Wedeman
8-23: Connor Doyle, Ryan and Kelsey Henry
8-22: Ernie Lundvedt, Jerry and Patty Lein