7-29: Carter Dull, Bob and Bonnie Rinken
7-28: Evan Monroe, Bill and Deon McGee
7-27: Tommy Sexton, Ray and Charlotte Ann Blong
7-24: Ryan Rocksvold, Cory and Allison Whalen
7-23: Karen Knutson, Shannon and Jenna Cline
7-22: George Risner, Joel and Deb Timmerman
7-21: Annette Wiltgen, Gene and Judy Mahr
7-20: Dawson Huinker, Darcy and Becky Rosendahl
7-17: Jonathan Huinker, Jim and Deb Helgeson
7-16: Devin Brinks, Rusty and Rosalind Samuelson
7-15: Amy Schmidt, CJ and Judy Lensing
7-14: Cade Klimesh, Dawn and JR Erikson
7-13: Ethan Rice, Jamie and Lori Smith
7-10: Amber Osmundson, JR and Marybeth Carey
7-9: Lilly Kossman, Tracy and Mark Stumme
7-8: Emily Wommeldorf, Dennis and Diane Wemark
7-7: Mike Quam, Marty and Mary Miller
7-6: Marie Riha, Tom and Kris Omar
7-2: Bday Winners: Russel Lauer AND Travis Frana
Anniversary Winners: Pat & Kate Curtin, Jim & Connie Olson
7-1: Logan Humpal, Brent and Sarah Holton
6-30: Susie McConnel, Dean and Deb Beckman
6-29: Christa Gerleman, Dick and Diane Luzum
6-26: Doug Nelson, Kurt and Janice Hanson
6-25: Kayden Fritz, Darrel and Pam Denning
6-24: Hunter Liebold, Steven and Nicole Langreck
6-23: Elsa McCarger, Chris and Christy Swartzoff
6-22:  Denise Fredrick, Travis and Stacy Massman
6-19: Iver Ellingson, Caleb and Paula Snitzler
6-18: Billie Wagner, Dave and Jean Weis
6-17: John Luenberger, Beef and Renae Frana
6-16: Maggie Kuennon, Josh and Ashley Rauk
6-15: Cody Huinker, Ted and Amy Roberts
6-12: Garrett Hemsath, Pat and Carlena Gallagher
6-11: Mitch Hemsath, Cory and Amber Busta
6-10: Emily Roberts, Barb and Lorren McCabe
6-9: Brinlee Leibold, Tom and Pam Sindelar
6-8: Alexis Lansing, Bob and Cathy Hanson