10-24: Dave Timp, Sue and Randy Ellingson
10-23: Erin Busta, Tom and Deb Eikenberger
10-22: Emma Johnson, Brenda and Scott Houg
10-21: Brogan Mihm, Ed and Lisa Hackman
10-20: Phillip French, Tasha and Allan Sibly
10-17: Lyvia Rauk, Ross and Emily Ellingson
10-16: Jackson Lukes, Chris and Kim Bohr
10-15:Tom Knoke, Andy and Jill Lensing
10-14: Kameron Sikkink, Paul and Cathy Ganade
10-13: Miranda Currian, Cory and Christy Meyer
10-10: Jean Ford, Jamie and Nathan Brummond
10-9: Jayden Teslow, Jamie and Tim Essler
10-8:Madison Dahl, Andy and Jessica Schmidt
10-7: Rachel Everman, Mike and Jill Walton
10-6: Dillon Bohr, Glen and Angie Lansing
10-3: Andy Burke, Mike and Lori McConnel
10-2: Shelby Cornelius, Gary and Patty Einwalter
10-1: Kim Bohr, Jim and Sheila Murphy
9-30: Austin  Hemsath, Jerry and Janice Krambeer
9-29: Elizabeth Bradly, Karla and Neil Lensing
9-26: Keaton Casteron, Tim and Karen Denner
9-25:Luke Weedo, Jim and Sharon Soblick
9-24: Dave Wilker, Randy and Lori Hover
9-23: Hannah Schmidt, Dean and Jean Anfinson
9-22: Mark Lewis, Jeff and Tammy Henderson
9-19: Tucker Wagner, Don and Becky Kelly
9-18: Sarah Pasker, Roger and Pat Huinker
9-17: Marcus Herold, Jason and Kim Keener
9-16: Kendra Franzen, Jeff and Diane Turner
9:15: Jack Shawver, Mike and Ann Buddenberg
9-12: Dawn French, Steve and Mindy Hauber
9-11: Madison Englehardt, Holly and Justin Nybauer
9-10: Sara Wanless, Nate and Sara Lerch
9-9: Marilyn Shoves, Adama and Cheryl Batterson
9-8: Carl Wiltgen, Greg and Becky Hamm