4-17: Linda Boland, Mark and Val Natvig
4-16: Shirley Klave, Travis and Alissa Chisel
4-15: Braydon Johnson, Steve and Terri Balik
4-14: Dawson Walter, Roger and Kristi Knutson
4-13: Trevor Bradley, Paul and Betty Schmidt
4-10: Carter Lensing, Linus and Margarite Barloon
4-9:Avery Arneson, Lisa and Glen Pietan
4-8: Gage Grenberg, Gary and Becky Christianson
4-7: Scarlet  Janson, Bruce and Debbie Franzen
4-6: Jordan Hagensick, Marv and Mary Soukup
4-3: Austin Leiran, Roger and Janet Kruger
4-2: Logan Koles, Nick and Mary Ann Trewin
4-1:Clarissa Hoffman, Mel and Mary Lou Hackman
3-31:Darrel Iverson, Arleen and Jan Kruger
3-30: Paul Lillegraven, John and Shannon Neilson
3-27: Jackson Smith, Rodney and Doreen Ellingson
3-26: Gunner Rogers, Bob and Michell Kuhn
3-25: Kevin Karnick, Randy and Kari Iverson
3-24: Hannah McGee, Jim and Faith Norman
3-23: Mason Brown,  Jan and Dan Smith
3-20: Kayden Cook, David and Janice Hendrickson
3-19: John Rilling, Rod and Leslie Hemry
3-18: Hailey Noak, Ron and Lynn Lysne
3-17: Pat Billiet, Katie and Garrison Wood
3-16: Brody Courtney, Carrie and Al Lopez