5-24: Josie Lynn Larson, Derek and Jill Heins
5-23: Mason Heim, Kevin and Leslie Sand
5-22: Sarah Adams, Gene and Tina Thorn
5-21: Madaline Shateska, Shawn and Megan Hanson
5-18: Kalvin Knutson, Dick and Lois Ollendick
5-17: Cale Koenig, Pat and Amy O'Regan
5-16: Eden Kampshire, Rich and Kristi Klimesh
5-15:Gabe Danielson, Jason and Jessica Engan
5-14: Joshua Jenson, Dennis and Judy Halse
5-11: Olivia Lansing. Russel and Tina McIntosh
5-10 Jack Knoke, Mike and Darcy Powers
5-9: Elliot Ditzenbach, Ellen and John Wahlen
5-8: Ashley Elsbernd, Dean and Marsha Henning
5-7: Norman Knutson, Larry and Bev Whittle
5-4: Cassie Thorson,, Bruce and Janet Larson
5-3: Cameron Cox, Adam and Lana Thorton
5-2: Allison Kuhn, Erlin and Wanda Walters
5-1: Melissa Ward, Pat and JoAnn Costigan
4-30: Amy Martin, Arlin and Annette Kreener
4-27: Lydia Peterson, Duane and Linda Flatland
4-26: Gabby Dixon, Joe and Carrie Kern
4-25: Knute Carlson,  Paul and Connie Stevens
4-24: Brailey Holthouse, Raymond and Mary Huinker
4-23: Gunner Sbiley, Dave and Patty Dirtina