11-17: Blake Bemiss, Tim and Sarah Anfinson
11-16:Clinton Stevens, Kevin and Kristen Coolish
11-15: Jason Herold. Charles and Doris Berrens
11-14: Ty Hansmier, Darrl and Patrice Kuennon
11-13: Abby Hudson, Gary and Tammy Belvrud
11-10: Parker Kuennon, Karen and Scott Olson
11-9: Stella Witt, Phil and Wendy Norton
11-8: Dominick Christopher, Troy and Christie  Hagensick
11-7: Dakota Miller, Ed and Tammy Bonnet
11-6: Evan Roxvold, Steve and Connie Mott
11-3: Payton Ferrie, David and Kelly Farley
11-2:Derek Sabelka, Rodney and Linda Kohleah
11-1:Ruby Christopher, Robert and Tina Thorne
10-31: Cameron Bruening, Chris and Marty Fisher
10-30: Kaylee Holton, Pete and Kayla Solum
10-27: Jace Johnson, Leon and Bernie Kipp
10-26: Brady Torgerson, Leah and Doug Olson
10-25: Chad Kosstoress, Rick and Sue Koshatka
10-24: Tucker Monroe, Lori and Darrel Andera
10-23: Evan Busta, Gary and Sharon Hanson
10-20: Phillip French, Ed and Lisa Hackman
10-19: Don Rude, Charlie and Rose Peterson
10-18: Cassidy Hanson, Sam and Suzanne Schmidt
10-17: Lyvia Rauk, Steve and Mallory Larson
10-16: Dakota Lepa, Ross and Emily Ellingson
10-13:Megan Blong, Paul and Kathy Ganade
10-12: Joel Reese, Erin and Kyle Tieskoetter
10-11: Devon Johnson, Tyler and Ave Cooksley
10-10: Alanda Meyer, Cory and Brandy McGee
10-9: Abby Moen, Dennis and Janice Brincks
10-6: Hunter McGee, Regan and Jackie Becker