3-16: Gracie Thompson, Barb and Gene Sanderman
3-15: Breelyn Krvacheck, **no anniversaries****
3-14: Max Ganson, **no anniversaries****
3-13: Tara Busta, **no anniversaries**
3-12: Noah Spilde, Brian and Laree Schutte
3-9: Jacob Herold, **No anniversary***
3-8: Stella Kreener, Ron and Kathy Moen
3-7: Ryan Bigler, Kenny and Veronica Boyer
3-6: Vienna Schissel. No Anniversary winner.
3-5: Svannah O'Reilly's, Terry and Chuck Grosser
3-2: Eva Marie Schmidt, Kenneth and Gloria Nordheim
3-1: Walker Liebold, Bill and Gail Keefe
2-28: Cole Stika, Keith and Linda Johnson
2-27: Callie Holton, Howard and Marlys Falck
2-26: Chase Howe, Kurt and Melissa Hageman
2-23: Kennedi McCabe, John and Muriel Lensch
2-22: Elizabeth Ferrie, Cary and Elaine Melcher
2-21: Libby Schwammen, Cindy and Mike Shanks
2-20: Caleb Meyer, Wayne and Sharon Watt
2-19: Harper Humpal, Don and Judy Bartels (anniversary from 2/16-17)
2-16: Julia Phillips, Charles and Lois Ross
3-15: Ryker Lensing, Brand and Luann Linderbaum (Feb 14th anniversary)
2-14: Jackson Luenberger, John and Joan Zidlicky
2-13: Michael Cook, Mike and Nancy Hovden
2-12: Logan Tieskoetter, Vic and Peg Pinkney
2-9: Joe Lensing, Charles and Bona Thorson
2-8: Vada Gerleman, *No anniversary*
2-7: Kaiser Johnson, Don and Patricia Frank
2-6: Ashley Fisher, Kim and Robin Gossman