12-19: Michael Hurd, Tom and Kim Malanaphy
12-18: Jill Smith, Jeremy and Rachel Sweeney
12-17:Rosie Ramstad, Bruce and  Betty Shoeman
12-16:Dallas Steffans, Bob and Marci Myli
12-15: Payton Smith, Larry Sikkink & Kim Powell
12-12: Lorrin Kurth, Dean and Kari Ehler
12-11: Cody Hanson, Ron and Sue Norman
12-10: Cody Phillips, Elmer and Rose Hanson
12-9: Victoria Wangen, Dave and Carol Hanson
12-8: Rhonda Hansmeir, Mike and Denise Webster
12-5: Emily Cray, Bob and Kathy McIntyre
12-4: Kaylen Quandahl, Jeff and Crista Holland
12-3: Wayne Kerian, Milton and Orma Quam
12-2: Christopher Larson, Kevin and Cheryl Mracek
12-1: Caden Holton, Mike and Wendy Kimber
11-28: Travis Massman, Bill and Gladys Hruska
11-26: Jeanie Martin, James and Kim Rothymeyer
11-25: Blake Donlon, Rick and Julie Kipp
11-24: Patty Schrage, Larry and Inez Brinks
11-21:Justin Feester, Allan and Sue Ellickson
11-20: Maddy Bockman, Jeremy and Laura Miller
11-19: Mark Berg, Jim and Wendy Richardson
11-18: Dave Kratz, Denise and Auggie Shindelar
11-17: Mitch Boss, Kevin and Kristine Kulish
11-14: Jason Herold, Kenny and Monica McGill
11-13: Zackery Glass, Joel and Cindy Thomas
11-12: Ashley Goltz, Randy and Teresa STortz
11-11: Brandon Wilten, Terry and Joanie Rollins
11-10: Levi Hemsath, Brad and Mary kerndt
11-7: Dakota Miller, John and Toni McCabe
11-6: Evan Rocksvold, Patty and Paul Casterton
11-5: Mary Fritz, Aaron and Jenny Larson