8-31: Easten Luzum, Dale and Judy Peter
8-28:Ronnie Heinz, ryan and Beth Hageman
8-27: Renee Wagner, Tatum and TJ Iverson
8-26: Jenna Frana, Rus and Val Brincks
8-25: Casey Henry, Dalton and Megan Breeze
8-24: Gavin Fickert, Brian and Tammy Reisner
8-21: Felicity Taylor, Rick and Suzanne Twedt
8-20: Vinnie Decker, George and Renee Smith
8-19: Zack Massman, Gaylen and Jody Hovden
8-18: Emily Thiesman, Kyle and Jakie Frank
8-17: Justin Kerian, Brian and Karen Westby
8:14: Gracie Thorson, Gary and Deb Smorstad
8-13:Jenna Johnson, April & David Wilker
8-12: Cassadra Bean, Carlton & Cathy Hougen
8-11: Braden Jump, Ronald and Mary Fritz
8-10: Amber Brinks Bruce and Melinda Hanson
8-7: Garret Weis, Dave and Connie Busta
8-6: Erin Whittle, Leon and laura Lectenburg
8-5: Alissa Hertges, Doug and Rosie Blegan
8-4: Josie Webber, Ron and MaryLou Balk
8-3: Miranda Cook, Lyle and Mary Barth
7-31: Grace Humpal, Carl and Terry Schmidt
7-30: Brinlee Courtney, Michael and Leslie Smith
7-29: Carter Dull, Bob and Bonnie Rinken
7-28: Evan Monroe, Bill and Deon McGee
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7-24: Ryan Rocksvold, Cory and Allison Whalen
7-23: Karen Knutson, Shannon and Jenna Cline
7-22: George Risner, Joel and Deb Timmerman
7-21: Annette Wiltgen, Gene and Judy Mahr
7-20: Dawson Huinker, Darcy and Becky Rosendahl